Written by John

12 Jun 2011

Kerry is gorgeous, small boobs, petite figure with short blonde hair. Whenever we’re out other blokes are eyeing her up which I’ve strangely enjoyed. She’s bubbly, smiley and horny as hell. And very jealous. Kind of works for us, you’d think. I have no desire for other women but would love to see her with another bloke. So far, she’s not playing. Now 38 and with two kids from her first husband who’ve flown the nest and having been together 5 years we have freedom to do what we like.

I was trying yet again to talk her into visiting a Club or advertising to meet someone last weekend. Won’t go near anyone she doesn’t know but did drop a bomb shell. “The only bloke I’d love to go with is Chris” she informed me. She’d expected me to go mad. Chris is her ex-brother-in-law. But we’ve stayed with Chris and his family, late boozy nights, good food and all of us got on. Chris left his wife a year back and we haven’t seen him since although he’s been on the ‘phone a few times. Out of the blue he called on Tuesday from his parents’ house. Turns out he’s there for the week dog sitting while they are on holiday. It’s only 20 miles from where we now live. We were invited over for supper on Friday and accepted.

Phone call over, I looked at Kerry. She smiled and burst out laughing. “What’s up?” I asked. “Do you really think he’s going to rip my panties off and fuck me in front of you?”

“Why not? Doesn’t he fancy you?”

She went on to tell me that a couple of years back when we were staying with them he’d cornered her in the kitchen and stuck his tongue down her throat. She knew he fancied her. And she’d kissed him back having fancied him since the day they’d met. But she couldn’t see him making any open advances in front of me.

Friday morning before departing for work I told Kerry to make sure she had chosen her sexiest outfit for our dinner with Chris by the time I got home. Early afternoon I phoned Chris and apologised but explained I was feeling shit and Kerry would be coming for dinner on her own. I arrived home early. Kerry was in the bath, bathing and shaving, all her kit laid out on the bed. I told her I felt shit and that I’d called Chris explaining she’d be on her own. “So you still want me to fuck him even if you’re not there to watch?”

“Only if you want to.”

“How’s that work?”

“You can tell me all about it when you come home.”

She decided she’d play it by ear but admitted she was looking forward to catching up with him over supper if nothing else.

Kerry left at six dressed in jeans t-shirt and cowboy boots. She’d refused to glam up saying she didn’t want to be too obvious – and it was just to be a casual supper with a mate. She’d be there before seven even if the traffic was busy. The seconds ticked by slowly. It seemed like weeks since she’d left when she got home at three in morning. She was creeping about the bedroom trying not to wake me. I put the light on and watched her undress. First the tight white cotton T, then the boots, jeans and panties. She smiled at me but neither of us said a word. I looked at her pale puffy nipples as she slid into bed. No sign of a mauling. I spooned up next to her, cupping her breast in my hand, my cock rock hard against her bottom. “Have you had a nice evening?” I whispered in her ear.

“Lovely, thank you.” Silence for too long …….

“Tell me what you did.” She blathered on for ages about the drinks they’d had, what they’d eaten, what they’d talked about. I was determined to be as patient for as long as it took. But didn’t manage it. “After dinner we sat on the floor watching the TV” I interrupted, blurting out “Did he kiss you again?”

“Yes.” I could hear her smiling as she started to blather again. Ignoring her blather “Then what?” She reached behind and grabbed my cock. “Put him inside me”, so I did.


“Soaking” I stammered. “Tell me what you’ve been up to Kerry,” as I rocked gently to and fro inside her.

She began. “After we’d eaten I helped carry the dirty crocks into the kitchen. I turned away from the sink and he was stood in front of me. Our eyes met and he took me in his arms, bending down his mouth met mine and we kissed, arms around each other and tongues entwining. It was a long kiss and you know how kissing turns me on. When we came up for air, it was all a bit awkward. I went into the lounge, put the tele on and threw some cushions on the floor. I was propped up on my elbow on the cushions watching the ten o’clock news when Chris came in. He threw more cushions on the floor then fetched an ash tray, two glasses and another bottle of wine. Truth be told, I shouldn’t have driven home.”

Still holding her breast, gently fingering her nipple and rocking to and fro slowly, “Why did you then?”

“I didn’t want the neighbours to see me leaving the next morning. They’d assume the worst, tell his parents, my ex would find out and all the nasty gossip would spread around town again. So I came home to you.”

“Go on”.

“We were talking over the TV, as Chris and I have always talked, about anything and everything. He topped up the wine and looked at me chest, then into my eyes. He saw I was braless. His hand came out and stroked my tummy, gently working its way up my torso towards my boobs. We didn’t talk. I didn’t resist. He cupped a boob in his hand and slowly fondled me, my entire boob in his hand, his fingers stroking my nipple. I reached over, smiling at him and started to undo the buttons on his shirt, one by one. I tugged his shirt out from his jeans and started fondling his hairless chest. He sat up on his knees and took off his shirt and then pulled my top off over my head. We kissed again, this time with even more urgency, our hands all over each other, our bare chests pressed tightly together. Without parting we stood, disengaging to help each other out of our jeans, my boots proving more difficult than was welcome. We lay back down, still in our pants, looking at each other. On our sides facing each other I reached out to his groin and felt his manhood straining to break free. He open his legs and I caressed him through his pants, feeling the size of his balls. He’s bigger than I’d expected.”

“What do you mean?”

“His brother’s a lot smaller! Anyway, whilst I’m fondling him, his right hand is caressing my inner thigh, working its way up to my pussy. My legs opened, wanting him to have complete access to my sex. His finger gently ran up the length of my slit coming to rest on my clit. There he let it rest, moving so slightly but giving me the most wonderful feelings. He moved around between my legs and took hold of the waist band of my panties and I lifted my hips off the floor so he could remove them. My pussy was really wet and the exposure to the room felt strangely cold. Panties on the floor he pushed my legs apart and went down on me, his tongue licking my slit, his nose parting my labia – he stuck his tongue inside me, pushing my legs and bum up in the air. Hiss tongue found its way to my brown button and he licked me there for an age, it was so sexy. Then he moved his attention to my clit, his tongue flicking it and circling it. His fingers inside me, fucking me slowly whilst his tongue worked away – it wasn’t long before I was screaming the house down – he might even have a baldy bit where I tugged on his hair as I came. God, it was a big one. After a cigarette, it was his turn. I pulled his pants down and his cock bounced out. I went to work with my mouth, taking his cock into my mouth, fondling his balls, lapping away at him.”

“What’s his cock like?”

“Yummy! He’s not cut, maybe an inch longer than you but you are thicker. It was a nice change but I wouldn’t swap yours for his. His balls are a lot bigger than yours. All the time I was down on him, I was wondering how much spunk they’d me. It wasn’t long before I found out although much of it I wasn’t aware of – top to tail, he was licking and fingering me, I had my hands under his firm bottom. I felt it tense, both his hands landed on the back of my head with some force as he moaned loudly and thrust his cock into my throat. I was about to gag but held off pushing away as long as I could. His cock spasmed and shed its load mainly down my throat but I had to push off mid orgasm, my mouth received some and my face was splattered. I gave him a minute or two but I was hornier than ever and needed a good fuck. We started with me on top, my cunt was dripping wet – Chris told me he could feel my juices dribbling down over his balls and his crack. He was fondling my little gems and both of us were enjoying the ride. Soon I tiered and we changed positions. On my knees I was leaning on the sofa and he parted my lips and stabbed his cock into me. I’d never come like that but it was good horny fun. He was so enthusiastic and I was so wet, he slipped out a couple of times. He was taking too long to get it back inside me, so I told him to hurry up and give me back his cock. His hand on my back forcing me into the sofa, I felt him gently pushing his prick on my ass hole. I tensed but he was gentle and inched into me slowly. The pain was intense as I tried to relax my bum but couldn’t – then he was inside me and slowly glided in and out. The pain was gone and it felt so fucking dirty but I needed my clit stimulating. He was getting close to a second coming so I told him I needed him on top of me. Rearranged with cushions beneath me I wrapped my legs around him as he thrust inside my dripping cunt, our pubic bones grinding, my clit feeling everything and quickly I was screaming again, my cunt clamping down on Chris’ cock all of which set him off. We lay locked together, exhausted, happy and satisfied until his cock shrivelled and he fell out. I went to the bathroom, cleaned up and then we sat naked, smoking and drinking for an hour before I came home to you.”

“You want to come again?” I panted.

“Silly question!” I turned her on her back and sideways on I fucked her while fondling her clit. Seconds later we were both coming, for me a massive orgasm. For Kerry, the third of the night. Both very happy we drifted off to sleep. I’ll need to work on how we can orchestra a threesome with Chris in the near future. I want to be there! I can feel a visit to him in London looming!