2 Mar 2019

About a month ago I went to an ex-girlfriend's fathers funeral. We had remained friends since parting which was over twenty years ago, We were together for about two years; she had two daughters Claire who was 6 and Becca was 7 when we parted. Parveen is from SriLanka and was and still is a stunning Asian lady; we have always been friends and sometimes with benefits. I had not seen the girls for about ten years prior to the funeral. Becca is now 27 and married; very much her mother's daughter, slim, long legs, lovely, long, thick black hair, and very sexy eyes, and large tits on her slim frame. Such beautiful dark skin.

Anyway, after the funeral, there was a wake at a local hotel, during that event I spoke to Claire who is also stunning, and then to Becca, we got on really well and she said how sad it was that her mum and I never got back together as we seemed so suited. I live and work in London and Parveen and the girls all live in Dorset. Becca told me that she worked in public relations and was in London often, and I said that we should meet and have dinner, she said she would like that as she often stayed overnight and would welcome the company. I joked that I doubted that she would ever be without offers of company, and she said true but she preferred the older guy and smiled. I gave her my business card and did not really expect anything else.

The following day I had a text from Becca saying that she was in London the following Sunday evening until Tuesday, and would I be free for a drink. I suggested a pub in Victoria, near to where I lived. She agreed and we met at 6 pm, I collected her from Waterloo and got a taxi to Victoria, and wheeled her suitcase. She looked stunning slim, black pencil skirt, stockings black heeled shoes and a very sexy clinging silk white blouse and a leather overcoat. We got to the pub and she took off her coat and I think every guy in the bar looked; she was very sexy, very much like her mum used to look. We chatted and had some drinks the chatting turned to flirt and the sitting changed so she had come to sit next to me on the long leather settee. as she crossed and uncrossed her legs the skirt went higher and I saw her stocking tops, which confirmed my impression.

After a while, I asked her where she was staying and it was a hotel near to Green Park, and I asked if she fancied going back to my place we could get a takeaway and then she could go to the hotel if she wanted to. She said something like I was hoping you would offer me a bed; I said I only had one bed and she said getting better, and smiled and lent over to give me a gentle French kiss. We left and walked the short distance to my house and once in, I took her coat and we started to kiss more passionately and I ask her if she was sure that was what she wanted and she said from the moment I saw you last week. We soon were in the bedroom and our clothes were on the floor, her body was incredible, her cunt smooth and her tits large and firm, her body toned, I had her on her back and opened her legs and went down on her, she tasted wonderful, she was wet and loud, she came quickly and told me to lay down and she kissed down my body to my cock and licked and sucked in my smooth balls and then started to lick my cock and started to take it, she took a while to get my length down to the balls, I am quite big as you can see from my profile photo, she was deep throat me like a pro; I told her I was going to cum and she just got faster and I shiot down her throat. We then kissed and play and I then stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed, her legs on my shoulders and I played with her cunt with my cock and then slowly slid inside her and started to fuck her, she was tight and juicy; we fucked for a long time before we both came, and after a rest I fucked her doggy and pulled her hair so I could see her face as we fucked; I started to play with her arse and after around fifteen minutes started to enter her arse and fucked her arse, playing with her clit ; Becca was a very loud fuck, I am sure they could hear on the street. We had some food and wine, and went back to bed and fucked twice more, her riding me and her awesome tits bouncing in front of me. In the morning we fucked before she went to her business appointments. That evening we went out to dinner and talked. She told me she had fancied me since we met when she was about 17 and knew she had to fuck me at the funeral. She said her marriage was ok, but her hub was not great in bed, and she would love to keep seeing me. I asked about her mum and she said she would never know, and she knew that her mum and me still fucked sometimes.

Since then we have met each week, she is in London for one to two nights a week, and she stays over. We have done some amazing sexual stuff, some kinky too. She is a very dirty and naughty girl, she has me harde just thinking of her. I sure she will bore of an older lover, but I intend to make the best of it