15 Mar 2019

I wrote about how Becca and I started a week or so ago. We have met three times, since the first meeting. Tuesday she came to stay until Thursday. At about 6 pm she came to the house, we kissed she had a glass of wine. She said she was going to have a bath and she would come to the pub once she was ready, and told me to get a discrete table. I went across to the Victoria, which was a little busy, I ordered a large vodka and tonic for Becca and I had a pint, I found a table in the back corner and waited.

Two pints later Becca came in. She had black heels and stockings and was wearing a long black leather coat. She sat next to me, and I said are you not taking your coat off? She took my hand unbuttoned a button, put my hand inside and I had a lovely feel of her naked tit; she was naked under the coat. I was so hard I could not stand otherwise it would be noticed; she gave me a long French kiss. She told me that she had also bought a new 14" dildo to play with when we got back to the house.

She unbuttoned some of the lower buttons so she could cross her legs and I could see the top of her stockings; she whispered what she was going to do to me when we got back to the house. She was turning me on more than anyone ever had. She got up to go to the loo. and with her back to everyone, she opened her coat to show her fucking stunning body.

We went back to the house; once in the hallway, I had her coat off, and I was naked in seconds. I was so hard we were fucking within minutes on the hallway floor. After that we went upstairs and she put on a porn film and then she told me to watch her and she played with the new dildo and started wanking herself off with it, she got it all inside her before she came.

Then she knelt in front of me and deep throated my cock until I came again. then she gave me an amazing erotic massage on the bed. Afterward, Becca told me to doggy her which I did, pulling her hair back and she asking to tell me how much of a slut I am for you, I told her she was the perfect slut; I then started to open her arse up and then fucked her arse: she had never had anal before me and loves it.

After a rest, we were kissing and feeling each other, and she started playing with her clit and told me to open the sparkling wine, on the bedside table and to spray inside her cunt and fuck her with the bottle. I did and she made so much noise I am sure Victoria station could hear. The bed was soaked, and as a result, we ended up sleeping in the spare room, we fucked again in the morning and on Wednesday evening. Becca is a fantastic fuck and her body is to die for

Long may it last!