20 Jun 2019

I have written about sexy Becca, an ex girlfriends daughter. Just to remind you she is Asian, slim with great firm tuts and smooth. Sqhe is married and has a couple of kids, but you would never know she had had children by looking at her. We meet each week when she is in London for one or two nights. It has got quite serious we both have expressed love for each other; but don't want to split her family, so we carry on as we are. She knows I see a girl from a coffee shop I have written about, but is ok with it and knows it is purely sex

Recently, we spoke about a threesome, she has always wanted one and I have a mate who fancied Becca. Zac is forty years old, quite muscular, black and has a cock a bit bigger than mine. He and I have fucked women together before. Becca was keen and we arranged to meet Zac in the pub, near my house in Victoria. She was dressed in a mini dress, low cut, hold up stockings and heals, no underwear. We set up a camera in the sitting room and one in the bedroom, before we left. We were in the pub first and Becca had a couple of large vodka and tonics, we found a quite corner and we sat on the bench, my arm around her and one hand fingering her wet cunt. When Zac came in they kissed, he bought another drink for us and we sat and all flirted. After about thirty minutes we went back to the house.

Once in I put some music on and Bessca slipped out of her dress, her body is so fucking sexy. I set the camera to start filming. She lay on the settee and opened her legs and played with herself, Zac and I stripped both rock hard. Zac went on his knees and between her legs and and started to lick her and fingered her arse at the same time. I was in her beautiful tits and had one nipple in my mouth and pinching the other, she loves her nipped pulled and bitten. After a while when Becca had cum over Zac's face he got in the settee and entered her cunt in one swift thrust, she cried out and started to moan loudly, I got on top of her, she took my cock in her mouth and I started to fuck her face. We fucked her at both ends for about fifteen minutes before all three of us came.

We then decided to go the bedroom, I started the camera; she was on her knees taking our cocks alternately, Becca gives on if the best blow jobs ever. Zac then laid on the bed and Becca lowered herself onto his huge cock, when she got her rhythm I pushed her forward and lubed up her arse a bit more and slowly started to fuck her tight little arse, the three of us were fucking hard, I was pulling her hair tight, pulling her head back and Zac was mauling her tits, I came first followed by Zac, we pulled out if Becca, and she told us to lay on the bed and she licked and cleaned our cocks. She then laid down and started to take some cum out if her cunt and eat it, Zac almost came on the spot, she then French kissed me, saying "I love you, thank you for letting us do this.

She kissed Zac and told him to fuck her arse, he had her legs over his shoulders and entered her arse and fucked her, I leaned over and played with her clit, she was so loud, she was telling Zac to fuck her harder and to both of us treat me like a slut. I

opened the bedside drawer and took out some nipple clamps and out them on her nipples, then I took our her favourite vibrator and used it on her clit. We flicked like this for quite a while,before Zac came in her arse, and I wanked over her face and tits.

I had bought up some drinks some whisky and a bottle of sparkling wine, we had some whisky, and I told Zac to hold her arms, I then shook the bottle and opening it I let the contents shoot into her cunt, she was off the wall, she came so heavily.

We fucked for a couple of hours, ending with Becca and Zac having a shower together then Becca and me. We dressed went downstairs had a drink, Zac went home, kissing Becca and saying he hopes we can do it again, Becca said yes, of course.

Becca was on the settee with me in a short blue silk dressing gown, she said she had had a great time and enjoyed it; but only wanted to do it occasionall. She did not want anything getting in the way of our growing relationship. She said I would love to try another girl, though. Ask your Italian girl. She undid my dressing gown and gave me an amazing deep threat, we then went to bed. She asked me a few times what her mum was like in bed, I won't tell her, but Becca is turning out to be very like her mum!

I am seeing my Italian slut at the weekend, and I will ask if she fancied some girl on girl action. I will let you know