Written by Dave

21 Jun 2009

Early this year my wife and i decided to have a French student stay with us (Maria), we had the spare room and we thought the money would come in handy.

Anyway when we got the paper work through we found out we had one of the teachers allocated to us.

On the day she arrived i was at work and when i got home i found this very attractive and tall person in our lounge, it turns out she is 31, single, about a size 10/12 and as i found out later a unsatisfiable sex machine.

She had been with us for about 4 days and we got on really well, on this day it was my wifes turn to work her night shift on the Thursday and Friday.

When she had gone i asked her if she fancied a drink, she said she was going to have a shower first and then perhaps, well i thought no more about it untill she reappeared with a dressing gown on, i felt my willy twitch and got that funny feeling like you do.

After about ten minutes she dropped hints about her lack of sex life and how boaring it gets being in bed by yourself.

At this point i was very lost and thought what should i say, in the end i made an excuse and said i was going for a shower my self and then to watch aDVD.

When i went into the ensuite i stripped of with a massive hardon, i gave it a few strokes and then got into the shower, when i got out out i still felt randy as hell and laid on the bed and starting wanking, after a few minutes i heard a voice, this made me jump and it was maria, saying what a waste of some good spunk and could she have it over her.

Within a minute we were both naked and exploring each others bodys, she went down and took my cock in her mouth and gave the best blow job ever, i came in her mouth and then she came straight up to kiss me with a mouth full of spunk, the first time i had ever tatsed it.

When we recovered i then went down on her and within a minute ot two she was screaming and shouting in French, have not got a clue what!

Aftershe calmed down we just kissed and storked one another, i slowly inserted a finger up her bum and and then somehow rolled on her got my willy into her, with my finger and wiily together we both came more or less at the same time, she then controled her muscles in her fanny and squated over me and let all my come drip over me.

She then rolled all over it untill she was sticky as hell, we then both got in the shower and washed it off, by this time it was about 1am, i had to be up at 6am.

The following night when my wife went to work, well thats another storu!!!