Written by Jerry66

21 Jun 2008

Sue and I get together from time to time, but last week we went further than we have done before.

We went to Bristol Gardens Health Spa in Brighton. As soon as you go through the entrance foyer, you have to strip off completely, although you are given a towel. There is a good range of saunas, a pool, plunge pools, steam rooms etc. Upstairs, there are some \"rest rooms\". In the past we have been to the small ones and had sex with the door closed. This time we went to an open play area with mirrors on the sides and ceiling.

We lay down and kissed, cuddled and carressed each other. People (all guys) gathered to watch playing with their cocks. Sue changed position, knelt over and sucked me, for ages, before climbing onboard and guiding me into her, by now, very wet pussy. We had a glorious fuck, and as I was on my back, I could see it all above me in the mirror, and could see the wanking spectators. It was very exciting.

later on, when we were chilling out downstairs,I was a bit slow on the uptake because a couple mentioned to us that they were looking for couples. As I had not discussed this possibility with Sue in advance, I did not suggest going back upstairs together straight away, but it then became obvious that Sue would like to. I set off to find the couple, but couldn\'t, so we missed an opportunity there.

Nevertheless Sue and I finished off having a private 69 and fuck, finishing off with a refreshing shower. We had had a very enoyable and exciting afternoon, and is what prompted me to seek out and join this site.

Anyone in the East Sussex area who would like to join us for a similar session, please get in touch.