Written by J and Babs

22 Mar 2008

My wife Babs (not her real name) and I have always enjoyed being watched and especially so in situations where the watcher thinks we are unaware of being watched. I have been in Malaysia on a 6 month contract and we have discovered a wonderful way of being exhibitionists. We have found a hotel with an adjacent building site where the scaffolding is only yards away from the window. Some of the workers seem to live in the building site so if we leave the curtains open and the lights on we can always be assured of someone seeing us. The first time we checked in we had a group of at least 6 of which we were sure 2 were women. I am due to return to the UK so we checked in for the last time a week ago. Prior to that we use to fantasize during our lovemaking sessions as to what we would enjoy if we were being watched. I always enjoy knowing that Babs is being watched, She is an extremely good looking natural blonde, 5 ft 3 ins size 10 and has a lovely firm body from going to the gym twice a week. The positions we decided upon really left nothing to the imagination and we both agreed that we would like to our audience to have no doubt when we had our orgasms.

When we checked in the hotel we were pleased to see that the scaffolding was still near the window. There were quite a number of workers to be seen but it was still daytime and we hid behind the net curtain and waited in anticipation for the dark. When it eventually got dark we removed the net curtains and turned the lights on. Babs remained in the bedroom while I went to the bathroom and watched in the darkness for any signs of activity. I had a small pair of binoculars as it was very dark and sure enough, after half and hour I saw movement and then there were 3 men looking into our bedroom window. I was giving a running commentary to Babs and told her that I would like to watch them watching her. She was also very excited (and nervous) and said that she would undress and then dance to some music we brought for the occassion. I watched their facial expressions, the anticipation and then disbelief when Babs undressed to be naked. I heard the music come on and felt like one of the watchers as I looked into the bedroom and saw Babs dancing. She was totally naked except for her high heel shoes and looked incredibly sexy. I knew exactly how those men were feeling. Back at the bathroom window I could see that quite a large group of people had gathered and as before there were at least a couple of women present. Later Babs told me she enjoyed dancing with the feeling of being alone and being watched by strange men. Well it was not long before we were on the bed making love. We wanted the night to last so after an hour we both pretended to reach our orgasms and collapse. Babs pretended to revive first and after a while tried to \'revive\' my interests. She tried to \'tease\' me by dancing naked again and moving seductively but I pretended to push her away and watch TV. I turned the lights down for the TV and we could just make out people watching us although we pretended not to see them. Some had moved onto the scaffolding and were only a few yards away from us. In this environment we started making love again and were very explicit in some positions. It was highly erotic for me and I had to spend most of my time trying not to come. In the end Babs came standing up while using a vibrator. She lost all control of herself and was facing the window when she orgasmed. It is a sight that I shall never forget and I am sure that it will be forever in the memory of the others as well. So that the girls could enjoy a similar sight, I took Babs from behind so that I was facing the window. I was on the verge of coming all the time so withdrew several times to prolong the moment and also give the opportunity to see my jerking cock. Finally, I could stand it no longer and when I withdrew, I masturbated to orgasm and shot my load all over Babs bottom and back.

Both Babs and I agree that it was one of our most erotic love making sessions.