Written by Peter

25 Mar 2010

Following Anne’s new experience with Phil on her birthday she was a changed woman, it seems that he had unlocked some deep wanton feelings within her and during our own sexual intimacy she often talked about him and how she had surprised herself with her complete loss of inhibition, even though it was in front of me and he was a complete stranger to her before then. She put it down to having had a few drinks beforehand and feeling a little tipsy from that.

I had not told her that Phil was still sending me e-mails which explained how much that he had enjoyed her and that he was very eager and willing to play with her again.

She still did not know that he was not an old work colleague of mine and that I had arranged and set up the whole thing behind her back.

Three months later it was Christmas time and Anne told me that she was going out with a few girls from work for a Christmas party. A meal and a few drinks afterwards in the city centre.

Another opportunity for Phil to work his magic I thought and I mailed him to let him know that she would be out on the town with some girlfriends on the 21st and also that she would be finishing the night at a nightclub in the printworks entertainment complex

On the night I was being her taxi service and I watched her getting dressed after her shower, knowing that Phil was going to surprise her later was making me very excited with the anticipation of what would happen. He was certainly in for a surprise as Anne was wearing a low cut black dress, with bra, thong and hold up stockings on underneath. Her 4” heeled mules made her look very sexy indeed and I had to stop my self from groping her as she climbed into the car for my drop off in town.

In the busy city centre I could not find anywhere to park, so I stopped outside the restaurant where she was meeting her friends. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and she told me that she would text me later, when she wanted picking up.

After I had dropped her off and as I was driving back home I could feel my own arousal at the thought of what could happen later with Phil and I had to stop myself from masturbating over that thought.

The rest of my evening was pretty mundane I walked the dog, put some clothes into wash in the machine and then watched TV, until my mobile phone buzzed and flashed showing it had received a new message. It was 2am and sure enough it was a text from Anne. : Hi sexy babe-ready 2b picked up now-guess who I’ve met? Xx x

I was shaking with excitement as I text her back : C u in 20 mins- who u met? X

She sent me her reply about five minutes later when I had started driving.

:ok -Phil x

When I pulled up outside the printworks I could not have been greeted by a better sight Phil and Anne were in a passionate embrace in a doorway next to the club, they were so wrapped up in kissing each other that they had not noticed my arrival.

I sounded the car horn and made them look around into my headlights a little startled by the glare.

They climbed into the back seat of my car and I had to say something,

“Fancy seeing you here Phil” I spoke looking at him through the rear view mirror.

“Yes, Anne was very pleased to see me as well” he responded.

“ You two just get comfortable and relax, I’ll have you home in no time” I said this as I drove away along the street.

On the drive back to our house in the suburbs, I could see glimpses of them kissing and touching each other on the back seat through the rear view mirror. I had a massive hard on because of this and had to concentrate on the driving to subdue my instinct.

Pulling into the driveway I parked and got out of the car to open the front door, leaving Phil and Anne still kissing each other in the back of the car.

I went inside the house and they arrived inside about five minutes later.

I was in the kitchen fixing some drinks for us all, when Anne walked in and said that she wanted to talk about what Phil had suggested.

“What’s he suggested”? I asked her.

Anne was obviously fairly drunk and she half sat upon the breakfast stool, as she began to tell me about Phil’s suggestion, “ Phil wants me to himself for an hour or so and I would like to have him without you being there” before she could finish speaking, I put my arms around her and kissed her on the mouth, “of course you can” I told her..

I remained in the kitchen as Anne took her own and Phil’s drinks back into the lounge, after ten minutes had passed I heard them going up the stairs and into the main bedroom together.

Only then did I venture back into the lounge, switching off the TV and sitting upon the sofa with my third whiskey in my hand. I could hear Anne’s giggles and both of them laughing loudly as thuds and bumping noises came from upstairs through the ceiling.

Then I could hear the bed squeaking and moving, as they fucked and sucked in the marital bed. This went on for more than an hour and it was jus before 4am, when I received another text from Anne which she had sent from the bedroom, it just said

: cum up x

I went upstairs and opened the bedroom door, the heady stench of explicit sexual activity was hanging in the air and the room was in complete darkness. I moved next to the bed and took my clothes off then climbed in alongside Anne. I kissed her mouth and could tell that she had gob-jobbed him to completion, because his cock scent was all over her face and hair and I could taste his salty cum on her lips.

Phil appeared to be sleeping with his back to us and his loud snoring noises made Anne and myself laugh at his heavy slumber.

I reached down between her legs and realised why he was so exhausted, her pussy hole was gaping wide open and was saturated with at least two loads of his spunk.

Dutifully I moved down her body and positioned myself between her thighs, the sweet smell of his sperm and her sexy love juices was overpowering and it made my own cock throb and twitch with excitement.

I began to lick and suck her swollen labia lips, tasting both of their sexy residues as I cleaned her up with my mouth. She opened her legs wider which allowed me to feed upon her well fucked pussy hole, delving my tongue deep inside her and sucking his spunk out with my greedy tongue forming a spunk scoop with it to lap his fresh mess up.

I sucked and adored her orally for ages until she was fully cleaned up and soaking wet again from my tongues saliva, she was nearly asleep when I moved up her body and pushed my erection into her gaping pussy hole. Phil’s size and girth had really stretched her pussy hole and I barely got inside her when I ejaculated prematurely, splashing most of my spunk on her outer pussy lips and the bed sheets.

The following morning I awoke to find Phil on top of Anne again, she was lay alongside me with her legs apart, one of them draped over me and Phil’s deep thrusting was moving the whole bed as he fucked her with the passion that new lovers enjoy.

My cock had a morning glory hard on and I began rubbing it up against Anne’s hips and side, as she was being well and truly fucked hard by her insatiable lover.

He made her “yelp” out loud as he penetrated her deeply, his inward thrusts filled her with his thick nine inches of cock and she responded by wrapping her arms and legs around him, succumbing to the size and girth of his manhood and becoming the slut that she was always meant to be.

Eventually Phil tensed his whole body and he began moaning out loud, “O baby, O baby yes, O yes” He held onto Anne so tightly as he was emptying his cum load deep inside her love hole and I was erupting too all over her laddered stockings.

Anne went to take a shower and I cooked some breakfast of eggs and bacon, while Anne was in the shower when Phil confided in me that he was beginning to get strong feelings for Anne and that he was worried that things could all turn out horribly wrong if she began to feel the same way about him.

I told him that as far as I was concerned, Anne still loved me and we had only ventured away from the fantasy and into the reality to satisfy our curiosity.

He accepted this reality check and left before Anne came downstairs…

“Has Phil gone”? she asked when she entered the kitchen

“Yes, he had an appointment that he couldn‘t miss, he said that he’d be in touch” I did not mention what he had really said.

Three weeks later in the new year, Phil sent me an e-mail saying that he was moving to London and would not be playing with us again, he felt that he was going to become emotionally involved and did not want that to happen.

This all happened three years ago in 2007 it opened a door in my relationship with Anne, it made her realise that she only felt truly sexually satisfied when she had the novelty and variety of more than one man in her bed.

Since then we have had a few experiences and are always open to new suggestions