Written by Dsu6661

4 Dec 2016

One night we were playing dares, so i get my gf and me in a chatroom so i dared her to send a pic if anyone should ask, to which she agreed. So i put in sitting here with my horny gf she will take some pics for some lucky guys or girls, anyway she chose this hunky guy. Who asked her to dress up in a short skirt and lil top, she added thigh high socks also. So the first pic i took was of her sitting on the bed in a lil white top tartan skirt and those black thigh high socks.

his reply was your so slim look at those long legs and boy u must have small perk boobs, pls lift that skirt up, snap and he saw her in her lil tight white panties. His next request was to remove her panties and open her top ( she was wearing no bra) so i took a set of shots as she slipped those panties down her slim legs pausing at her ankles then off, then snapped her unbuttoning her top and sent them.

He was telling us how hard he was looking at her and she replied well feel free to touch, i did have to laugh. Anyway he wanted her fully exposed so i took lots of pics as the skirt came off and as her tiny boobs were exposed. He then demanded certain naked poses on all fours on her knees with my cock in her mouth face on floor hands spreading her ass on her back legs wide open fingering. His last request was to see a pic of her kneeling with my cum over her boobs so he could come off to it. Snap he got it. I actually found it quite a turn on knowing another guy was seeing her so exposed. Weird huh ;)