Written by Alistair

14 Jun 2010

I watched in awe as each man did their overalls and released their smelly dirty pricks. They all looked huge and mean. They were clearly very aroused and excited. The two big men moved towards Fiona whose legs must have felt very weak after her huge orgasm. She was leaning against the dustcart, looking very precarious on high heels and slim long legs splayed out for blalance and from being forced open. One of the big men held Elizabeth by her blonde curs, stooping down and thrusting his champagne roughly into my wife’s bald slit: ‘Fuckin little whore’ he roared as he rammed it rapidly in and out, making her come in only minutes.

All four men fucked her hard with empty Champagne bottles, calling her filthy names as they did it. Then they turned her sideways, pulling up her negligee and making her bend over. One of the big angry looking bald men held her head down by her hair, forcing his fat throbbing prick into her mouth and making her gag. The little fat man knelt beneath her, ramming his empty bottle hard into her pussy. From behind, the young Pakistani rammed his bottle into her bottom. Both of them were fucking her furiously and calling her vile names. This went on for some minutes before the man fucking her mouth pulled tightly on Fiona’s hair, his body going rigid as he shot his load into her pretty mouth. I saw her gagging and knew she was being forced to swallow his vile moronic seed. It looked beautifully erotic, with her perfect body displayed in such prim and proper undies and such a feminine negligee. There was such a contrast between her soft spooled feminine beauty and the brutish bin men.

Unsteady on her feet, the man held her hard by her hair, pulling away from her face, a string of his spunk stretching from the huge head of his prick and her pretty lips. He held her fast as the young Pakistani got ready behind her. His dark fat long prick was pointing from his overalls as he moved up to my wife and started feeling under her girdle and panties for her pussy. The little fat man moved around to take hold of Fiona’s hair and push his prick into her pretty mouth. Though only a small man, his prick was large and again she gagged. As he thrust deep into her throat, the Pakistani took aim at her exposed pussy lips and rammed himself hard inside her. His face seemed contorted with rage as he said: ‘I am goin’ to fuck the fanny of you white bitch. Gripping her breast, which were still hanging out of her bra, he rode her hard and furiously, taking a few seconds here and there to slap her buttocks and yank cruelly on her pert breasts. The big men were wanking hard and touching her in various placed.

The Pakistani rode her hard for about five minutes before his body went stiff and his head thrust back, eyes tightly shut. He roared: ‘You fucking little slut, you whore, you bitch, agghh’ And as he did so, my wife came very hard while the little fat man kept on pulling her hair and fucking her mouth. The Pakistani took an age to finish coming and I feared he might make her pregnant. Though I feared this, I was also excited by the humiliation to us both. It would mean he had sort have come to dominate and own my wife’s pussy. I knew I would want her to keep the baby as a reminder of this dirty scene. I was rubbing myself so hard now; I was in danger of spoiling the excitement for myself.

The little fat man did not last much longer than the Pakistani did because he must have been excited seeing what the Pakistani was doing to her. The two big men had taken out mobile phones and were taking pictures and laughing. I realised that one of the big bald headed bin men had still not fucked Fiona and was bound to want his turn. Sure enough, when the fat man and the Pakistani had finished, Fiona was backed up against the front of the dustcart, he negligee, wide open, legs forced open, panties pulled aside, girdle shimmering, suspenders taut and breast red raw.

The big dirty looking bald man was swearing loudly at Fioana. She was red faced, obviously excited but humiliated. He pushed his big hair and angry face against her, kissing her obviously using his tongue while he felt roughly between her legs and guided his fat long prick into my wife’s cum oozing bald slit. He was quickly inside as more pictures were taken. She was banged hard against the dustcart while the watchers cheered and took turns grabbing at her exposed 32d breasts. ‘Pissin’ fucking slut cow, fuckin little cunt, the big ugly man roared as he banged his massive prick in and out of my little size 8 blonde wife’s forty-year-old bald pussy slit. She was starting to cum. Her red painted nails peeped above his massive shoulders, hanging on to avoid falling off her five-inch high heels. His body was massive, but her orgasmic scream and glimpses of her shuddering body told me she had cum hard. He carried on fucking her hard before going still, gripping and roaring out ‘Slut, fuckin’ slut in her ear.’ Then he started cumming as she came again, her womb sucking his heavy load of filthy seed. The others cheered, her breasts were pulled had and her silk stockinged legs fondled by one and all.

She needed help to stand and one of them carried her back to the house. I ducked out of the way. As they dumped her on the step, I heard her pleading in her public school voice, for them not to publish pictures on the Internet. ‘Depends on you slut.’ We’ll see yer next week, better be here all dressed up. There’s fings yer can do fer us. Yer a fuckin whore and we’re gunna find lot o’ blokes ter fuck yer cunt.’

With that, they each groped her again and I heard them slapping her breasts. Then they swaggered back down the drive, emptied our bin, but dumping all of the Champagne bottles to show us they were our masters now. I hesitated before going to my little blonde wife and asking her how she was. Thick strands of the bin men’s cum were running down her thighs and had stained her stocking tops. More cum was stuck around her mouth. Her make up was a mess, but she looked so beautifully ravished, I knew I was going to have to fuck her there and then before worrying what the bin men wanted her to do.

Amazing as this may seem, it is actually true. But it was obviously a mad- though incredibly exciting thing to set up. It did lead to other things (including my wife surprisingly getting pregnant), but I am sure readers have had enough of my saga by now.