Written by Naughty_nat

4 Jul 2015

A few years ago on a site similar to this, I started talking to a fella Mr t . Approximately 18 years older than me but incredibly attractive and fit. We met regularly for about 3 years and he really opened my eyes. Unfortunately we lost touch. Fast forward three years.....

I'd taken my car for mot walking through the village to pick my car up. There was a well known parcel van pulling in. Awaiting him to stop I crossed over. The driver Mr t. After exchanging numbers we arranged to catch up soon.

The following afternoon I had a parcel delivered by Mr t, who had half hour to spare. In kitchen while making him a cup of tea. We kissed slowly and long, I could feel his cock getting harder between us. His wondering hands groping my boobs through my vest top. I slipped my hands up through the leg of his shorts. Pulling at his cock, undoing his belt I set him free. Taking his cock in my hand I played, he slipped his hand up my skirt. The grin on his face when he realised I had no thong on, my freshly waxed pussy wet.

Within a few minutes we both cum.

He washed his hands in the kitchen sink, as I made him the tea. Kissing him goodbye before opening the front door on the world. Cum running down my leg.

Lots more stories to tell..... If your interested x