Written by Joyce

19 Jan 2012

I had visited the local beauty spot where both my friend Jan and I had enjoyed some, what I now know as "dogging" fun, a few times, just sitting in my car reading a book, although I had again been naked beneath my coat, nothing happened, most times I went alone but sometimes with Jan, we were both I'm sure hoping to see some action or even maybe take a small part in it. Jan had been trying for some months unsuccesfully to persuade me to visit an adult cinema that she knew of, she told me that she had never been there but I'm not sure that I believe her,I think that she had visited the cinema previously, after a few disappointing visits to the dogging site, I gave in to her persuasion and agread to go with her.

On the day that we had arranged the visit, I wore a black and red basque under my coat while Jan, as I found out later, was wearing a matching set of a black peep hole bra and thong. The cinema was situated to the rear of a very extensivly stocked sex shop selling dvds, toys and lovely sexy clothing, on entering the cinema we found there to be about a dozen men, many with their cocks out, there was also a couple sitting on the back row, most of the men were turning around in their seats watching them, we selected seats sitting in the row in front of the couple, we watched and could see the girls large breast being fondled by the guy while the girl was wanking his cock, she then went down on her knee's in front of him, he pushed his erection into her open mouth, she then sucked hard on it untill we saw his cum trickle out of the side of her mouth, after cleaning themselves up they left the cinema.

Jan nudged me signaling to me with her eyes to look at her lap, the guy sitting at the side of her had his hand inside her coat running it up and down her leg, he undid her coat buttons exposing her undies, I have to say that she looked absolutelly wonderful, the guys erect cock was now on display, he put her hand onto it, she naturaly started to wank it for him, I leaned over and helped her to remove her coat and bra, the guy removed her thong and burried his fingers deep into her shiny pussy, another guy was now standing in front of her with his erect cock close to her mouth, she took it in, sucking hard on it, meanwhile a guy in the next seat to me had his hand inside my coat, fondling my breasts, it felt great so I didn't stop him, with his assistance I removed my coat, sitting in my basque with my breasts now on display.

He pushed his fingers hard into my now very wet pussy working ito my hole and my clit, he asked if he could shag me, although I was enjoying the feelings that I was having I refused him without a condom,he had one in his pocket so I helped him on with it,standing me up and bending me over he slipped into me from the rear, fucking me hard, as I looked around I could see a lot of men standing watching us, wanking their erect cocks, as the guy inside me climaxed he moved away, others standing around tried to take his place, I refused them saying "perhaps another time" Jan and I sat watching the film for a while, me just in my basque while she was naked, then slipping our coats on we left promising to return, this we did but with surprising results,