Written by Sweaty betty

20 Feb 2008

If you read part one on the 4th you will know I was fucked by the plumber who had a lust for women who were all sweaty.

He told me he would be back in a week to check for leaks and to be ready for him, well he did not turn up.Bastard I was looking forward to a fuck.

Well on Monday last just gone he called to say he would be round Tuesday morning at 10 and I had to have worked my self into a right sweaty state.

Tuesday came, I put a tight t - shirt no bra, french knickers and track suit bottoms.

I then set about cleaning the house, rushing about polishing hard getting into a real sweat, you could see the wet patches under my tits, down my back, my pants soaked also with pussy juice as I was so worked up at the thought of what was to come.

The bell rang and when I opened it he walked straight in and thrust his hands up my shirt ran his hands below my tits through all the sweat and started to suck his fingres

He pulled my shirt over my head and started to suck my nipples and lick all around and under my breasts, moaning that I smelt great.

He went down on his knees and pulled my track suit down and started to smell my crutch, licking my pants.

My legs were wide open at this point and I was dribbling juice all over his tongue.

He spun me round and ran his tongue down the length of my spines until he was licking all the sweat from the crack of my arse.

As he stood up he had undone his trousers like before and pushed his cock straight into my wet cunt.

As I lent against the work top he started to fuck me real hard call me all sorts of names, but how he loved my sweaty body.

While he was pounding into me he used his phone and told someone I was real sweaty and to come over.

While he was fucking me hard and telling me he was going to spunk up me soon , A man walked in and as calm as you like dropped his trousers and pulled my head towards his cock that was now on display.

They both fucked my mouth and cunt and together shot spunk up me and down my throat.

Well you can imagine I was all hot and sweaty still.

They took me into the lounge where over the next two hours they licked my body of all the sweat that built up between each fucking session.

When they had had enough they dressed and told me they would call when they wanted a fuck and that I had better be ready for them and they had a few friends who liked sweaty dirty sluts that they would bring along.

Looking forward to it.