Written by Jan

21 Jan 2010

I had been with Steve for over 10 years, of which we had lived together 7. Fidelity was never our strongest point we had both had a string of affairs, but we can't live without each other. We decided to get married, and we did in May 2008 and went to Tenerife for our honeymoon. Steve is an big Man U fan, and whilst at Tenerife there was that big Euro cup final with Chelsea. The night before the match we went into the hotel bar, I sat down while he fetched the drinks. At the bar he was having some banter with 3 Chelsea fans, I asked him for my drink and he invited them over to talk football, one of lads looked to see which side of me Steve went and he made sure he sat the other. I don't what it is but whenever football fans get together, nothing else matters, and Steve had not noticed this lad (Smithy) chatting me up and us flirting with each other.

The following day we had a few hours sunning on the beach, then went to a beach side bay for a beer, when he seen a group playing volley ball, he wanted to join in, so I said you play and I'll sit around the pool. I had not been sat there 2 minuets when Smithy turned up, he said fancy doing something whilst the match is on, I said well Steve not notice me missing for 90 minuets and arrange to meet him in the bar, and I will come down with Steve as normal.

We all met in the bar and they sat around this big TV both Man U and Chelsea fans having little bets and excited like schoolkids. Smithy came over to me and I told him our room number, I said let the match start then come up, he knocked on the door and let him in he was so passionate I was getting wet with anticipation, we tore each others cloths off and I had the most intense sex of my life, I had a massive orgasm, but it was his massive spunk load which was the highlight he just kept coming I was in heaven.

We cleaned ourselves up, Smithy went first I followed 10 minutes later got myself a drink only to find out there's going to be extra time and then penalties, thinking I would like extra time with Smithy, but at least I had some fun. The following night which was also our last night Steve wined and dinned me and said I will take you night club, we went back to the room and I put on my sexiest dress, we got outside and told Steve I have left my knickers ready for you later. He gave me a big kiss and said you bet, I will fuck you like crazy.

We'd been in the night club about a hour when Smithy and his mates come in, I got the impression that he had told his mates about us because they lead Steve to the bar, Smithy took my hand and lead me outside, took me down this alley, the shock on his face when found out I had know knickers on, he pushed me against the wall and gave me a knee trembler, and called me a slag for not wearing any knickers, when he'd chucked his load up me, we went back inside spunk running down my leg. Not long after I took Steve outside and lead him to the same place and told him is wedding presents waiting for him, he to fucked me standing up, unbeknown to him, there was somebody else's spunk up me, he said by you are ready, your wet though, he chucked is load up me and we went back to the hotel, more spunk running down my leg, the following morning before we packed he fucked again.

I knew there was no chance of me staying faithful, but I expected to last at least the honeymoon before I had extramarital sex.