Written by Tina

30 Mar 2011

After reading back my previous post,I was a little shocked just how I was behaving.Athough it was my husband that wanted to get involved in swinging,as I said it was a diaster.But it did give methe oppurtunity to have sex with a black guy,something I openly admitted I had always wanted to do.In the following three weeks I was bedded by another two,even sleeping with my friends brother.I realised things were getting out of hand and had to stop.As my marraige was good,and although my husband was not truly satisfying me,by closing my eyes and imagining I was having sex with a black guy was better than risking everything.Around the begining of Febuary we decided to try for a baby,Which meant me coming off the pill,As I was being good it was not a problem.

Then last weekend I put all that at risk,A simple drink after work with my friend,has left me not rally sure what I want.

We had a couple of drinks when we was joined by her brother,and his friend,at first it was awkward as I had already slept with him,But a few drinks more and I loosend up,He was making it clear he wanted me again,And if I tell the truth I was wanting him as well,But things had changed,So i thought it best for both of us to tell him,All he said was it wont work,your black mans meat live with it.I walked away annoyed,But he hit a nerve.and got me thinking just how much I had enjoyed sex with black guys.

It had put a spoiler on the night and even though my friend egged me to stay I decided to go,Just as I was going to leave his friend came over to me to apologise,even though he did not really know what was said.He bought us a couple of drinks and suggested we sat down,My friend who read this completely wrong promptly dissapeared leaving just the two of us.We spoke for a while and suddenly we were kissing.I really dont know how it happened,I came to my senses and said I really have to go.He said if I must let him drive me,To which I dont know why agreed.I think we both knew at that moment the home we would be going to was his.As soon as we got in the car he was all over me,and I was responding,He drove to his place,As soon as we entered my heart was beating out of my chest,We began undressing before we even made the bedroom,and as soon as I saw his manhood I knew I would never be able to give up black guys,I just wanted him inside me,

But he had other ideas and moved me so he could go down and lick me,his tounge instanly sent me into heaven,moving himself around so I could take him in my mouth,we were in the 69 position,I admitted last time although sucking a guys cock is not really my thing,I do seem to enjoy sucking black cock,I was doing my best but the pleasure his tongue was giving me was making everything else take a back seat.And I was begging him to fuck me,He moved so as to postion himself between my legs and I felt him nudging my vaginal lips,before sliding himself in me,I thought my head was about to explode as every thrust was giving me more pleasure than the last,until we a final thrust he came in me,All I could do was lay back trying to catch my breath,Then suddenly the reality of what had just happened hit me,he had come in me and I was not protected.I dont know what he must have thought as I grabbed my clothes and left.My only thoughts were I had to get the morning after pill.

But as I laid in bed I suddenly began to think,and come to the conclusion yes I am black mans meat,as as soon as the situation arises I cant resist having sex with them.Its like a drug and one I enjoy.I did not get the morning after pill,and at this moment in time may even be pregnant,I am not saying I want to be as obviously a mixed race baby will cause a few problems,but however I wont be dissapointed if I am.

At this moment in time I have two must dos,the first is to tell my husband it cant work,and the second is to visit my new lover and take up where we left off.