Written by Ingognito

21 Jun 2017

I’m not sure this qualifies for this site because its not exactly swinging and there’s no actual sex but I just need to tell my story.

I’m 62 and divorced. 2 years ago my wife suddenly announced that she was emigrating to Canada with a guy she’s been seeing behind my back for the prev 5 years. I didn’t know or suspect anything and was gutted. Since then I moved next door to my son and his wife, not because I’m a doddery old man, in fact I run a very successful building firm and my daughter in law and I run marathons 2 or 33 times a year so I look after myself. I moved because my ex-wife always took the grandkids to school and when she left I decided to slow down in work and take over where she left off with the grandkids so know I take them most days before going to work.

When she left my confidence was shattered, we had a decent sex life but my lack of self-esteem meant I couldn’t even get a hard on and had no interest in seeing someone else even to just get laid.

My daughter in law who I’ll call Amanda and I get on very well, in fact it was she who recommended I move in next door and started ‘looking after me’ when the ex left.

She is an amazingly attractive woman. She’s 28, is a natural red head with hair that runs down to her backside and has freckles all over her body. Her milky white breasts are large and firm and her nipples are bright red and very big.

How do I know all this, well here goes. About 11 months or so ago she noticed I was down and started coming around quite a lot. We talked and over time I started confiding in her more than I had with anyone else. She suggested I go out to meet someone, I told her I wasn’t interested in a relationship and she just laughed and suggested I forget about relationships for a while and just meet someone to fuck.

The expression on my face must have shocked her because she laughed. Then she said she was serious, ‘just find someone to fuck’. Then I confided in her that I couldn’t get a hard on. She asked if I ever masturbated! I told her to mind her own business and she told me to ‘grow the fuck up’, (more laughter). I told her I didn’t.

These sorts of conversations went on for a few weeks until one day I decided to take a day off, my son went to work and the kids ere in school when Amanda walked in. It was a warm day and she was wearing a very thin light pretty off the shoulder dress. She made coffee and announced that she was on a mission to ‘sort me out’ but I wasn’t to tell anyone. Then she asks if I found her attractive, I told her I did and that I thought she was extremely attractive. She asked if she gave me a hard on , I reminded her that she was my daughter in law. She said that she wasn’t asking me to fuck her, so I apologised and told her that she didn’t.

Then she put her cup down, ( we were standing in my kitchen at the time) and pulled her dress down to reveal her amazing breasts. ‘How about now’ she said. She looked amazing and there was a slight stirring but nothing else so I apologised and said no.

Amanda let her dress fall to the floor and walked over to me. She took my hand and moved it to her breasts and told me not to tell anyone especially my son. She took my hand so it was squeezing her breast, ‘now’ she asked. Her nipple was solid and her breast was nice and firm but I had little interest.

Then she started to unbutton my jeans. I went to stop her but she slapped my hand and said she was just trying to help. She reached in and took hold of my cock then jumped back with a squeal. She asked me why I had kept that hidden and was that why my nickname is ‘donk’. You see, I’m quite well endowed and so my nickname is Donk, short for donkey. For some reason it makes sense to my mates ad stuck from my school days when I would shower after sports lessons.

She looked at my then rushed to unbutton the rest of my jeans and pull my cock out. She seemed mesmerised and started to pleasure me as though she had never seen a cock before. After a while of her tossing me off I stopped her and told her that this wasn’t right.

She got dressed and we finished coffee and she left. I didn’t see her for a few days until she came back in one evening and sat me down. She told me that she felt that she had to help me get my life together and that helping me meant a lot to her. She also told me that there was nothing wrong with what we were doing because there was no sex involved and to be honest it made sense.

That time I was wearing a track suit bottom and T shirt. Amanda put her hand down my track suit bottoms and pulled my cock out and started to play with it. Then she took her to off and told me to play with her breasts. For a good while I felt her milky tits and she tossed my half-mast dick off in her hand.

The third time I ended up sucking her nipples, the fourth time we ended up in bed, not having sex but I did eat her pussy and she tossed me off and did get me quite hard.

Then it sort of changed. I had just come in from work when the front door opened. I was in the shower. I called out to tell whoever it was (thinking it was my son or Amanda or one of my mates ) where I was and that I would be out in a minute.

Amanda walked into the wet room and just looked at me, she told me not to move and left. A few seconds later she walked back in naked. For the first time in years I immediately went hard. She looked fucking amazing. Her milky white body with freckles all over, her long red hair down to her bum and her tits, large and firm. Her pussy shaved smooth.

I told her that this was wrong and had to stop in case it went too far, she said it wouldn’t and joined me under the shower. We hugged for ages as she pleasured me then told me I was a good man and got onto her knees. She put as much of my cock in her mouth as she could and gave me an amazing blow job. Then she pulled back, looked up at me and told me that I couldn’t fuck her properly but I can fuck her mouth and that it was time for me to cum.

She then slid her lips over my nob and took as much as she could in her mouth. I thought ‘ what the fuck’ and I will admit that I thrust myself in to her mouth as deep as I could and yes, I fucked her mouth.

She gagged but held onto me so I couldn’t pull out. The water was dripping off her long red nipples. her hair sticking to her back. The she pulled out and tossed me hard, she seemed desperate and told me that she wasn’t going to leave until I came and she couldn’t stay long so it was up to me.

Then, I was back in her mouth and she was wanking me and sucking my dick and gagging and groaning. And for the first time in a long while. I felt stirrings, a feeling that my cock was going to explode. I warned her that I was going to cum and told her to stop but she grabbed my backside so I couldn’t pull out and I filled her mouth with my semen. It was amazing, she made a muffled screaming noise and put her fingers inside her and finger fucked herself which made me go again.

When we had finished she pulled back and finished swallowing my cum, taking some that was on her chin with her finger and putting it in her mouth. She licked my bell end and got up telling me that I had done well. She dried herself and walked out. I stayed in the shower for ages, both content and guilty and hell. Now I find it difficult to look my son in the eyes.

But it didn’t stop. Now once, twice or sometimes three times a week we comes

round and we end up either in bed or the shower. We don’t fuck as suck but I give her pussy a good fisting and her mouth a good fucking. Sometimes (most times) she makes me cum in her mouth but now and again over her tits and she loves to rub it in like a cream.

Now I am desperate to fuck her properly. I know I shouldn’t but she is so fucking sexy and we do everything else but. She says it will stop when I get myself another woman. I haven’t told her that I have started fucking a couple of client wives, one my age and one in her early twenties but that’s another story. Why spoil a bit of fun.