Written by Trent

21 Jul 2019

If you had a look at our last posting you will know how we met with the guy we now know as Ian, he had watched us taking pictures in the darkest depths of a Staffordshire town.

Th outcome of the evening had been a near naked Kath being finger fucked, by a twenty odd year old lad, him spunking on her legs and pussy. He had wanted more but Kath drew a line on the evening, but we had his number. We had some great sexy pictures, that we planned to share with our swinging friends, (its what we do with these friends) and having some great sex with Kath, normality had resumed.

A few days after the adventure, I picked the set I was going to share with our buddies, Kath likes to be involved in the choice of pictures, as we looked through them, Kath commented that it was a horny night, and we should repeat it soon, I reminded her that we had Ian’s number, with raised eyebrows and a cheeky smile she said it was up to me.

Ian had expressed an interest in seeing the pictures we had taken, so Kath call him one afternoon, she said that he had sounded surprised by the call but remembered the evening well. He asked us to email pictures,Kath declined saying that wasn’t an option, but if he wanted to meet and have a look at some of them, that could be arranged.

Initially he wanted to meet Kath alone, Kath told him that again wasn’t an option.

After a few calls a meeting was set up at a local hotel, the plan was to meet in the bar, and let him see some of the pictures, but we both knew that was only thestart.

The day arrived, a delicious looking Kath stood in the bedroom , in her very sexy lingerie and heels, she had chosen to wear a blouse and skirt, with a jacket over the top.

As always her makeup was immaculate and she had a delightful perfume.

I had booked a room at the hotel, just in case!

We arrived a little early I checked us in, and chose to sit i the bar, with a couple of drinks, the hotel was full of business types, arriving for overnight stays.

After about an hour it looked like Ian had bottled out, but finally he arrived, he explained that he had been held up in traffic, and he had been ringing the number we had called him on. That number is our pervy play phone number and we hadn’t brought it out of the car.

We suggested a drink and a table, however the bar had filled with the corporate bods, Kath had wanted a quiet table so we went to lounge and while it was still quite busy we found a little area, once we had our drinks, Kath handed Ian her iPad. She had opened it at the appropriate folder that contained the pictures from our last meeting.

The look on Ian’s face was interesting, his eyes widened and he was a little flushed, as he flicked from picture to picture. We had been careful not to include his face, but in some his fingers could be seen in Kath’s pussy, and his cock was clearly being wanked by Kath in a few.

Our hushed discussion focused on how he felt on the night, and Kath asked if he had mentioned it to anyone, like his girlfriend?.

Apparently he had told his best friend, who called him a liar basically. That’s why he wanted some of the pictures, Kath teased him and said was he sure it wasn’t for wanking?

I asked Ian if he had to be anywhere soon? His reply was no, his girlfriend thinks I am at a business meeting, and No one else was expecting him.

I suggested that maybe we ought to move out of the busy lounge to somewhere a little more private.

Ian looked confused, quickly Kath put him right, we have a room booked here, if you would like to continue our chat ? She said with a naughty smile.

Any one looking would have thought that we were, either Ian’s godparents or maybe relations, the age difference was quite stark at times,

I told him that we had to be discreet and careful, we didn’t want people knowing, so no big displays or loud talking.

I handed him the room key, and told him that if he needed to freshen up he could use the facilities,

Within seconds he was up and heading towards the lifts.

Kath and I looked at each other, she asked if I was ok if she fucked him, she had the hots for sex with a younger guy. It was something one of our friends had done. So Kath wanted a little taste of what it was like, she wanted me to join in as well, but also to take some video of the event.

After about 20 minutes we made a move towards the room, Kath was very keen on keeping him dangling,and teasing.

We opened the door to find Ian sitting on the comfy chair phone in hand texting away,

Kath asked who he was texting, his reply was his best friend. Kath giggled and said would you rather text him or talk to me?

Kath was walking around the room as she took her jacket off, hanging it carefully on a hanger.

Ian was now getting a little braver and as she got closer, he placed a hand on her hip, and slowly felt the curve of her bum, she started to tease his shirt open, her hand slipping inside to tease his nipples, and asking if this was making him hard. He nodded,

I stood behind Kath kissing her neck, and started to unbutton her blouse, time to show our friend more of you, I felt Kath shudder, I know she loves to be displayed, so is continued to peal her blouse of her arms, as her black lace bra, came into view, her full breasts pushing at the lace her nipples visible and hard.

She was busy unzipping my trousers, her hands behind her back, I pushed her forward so that I could unzip her skirt again teasing her saying time to show him your pussy.

The skirt fell to the floor and she stepped out of it.

Ian had his cock in hand, rubbing his cock, Kath said her voice now thick, don’t cum yet,

She thrust her hips forward, her panties tight across her fanny,

I was feeling and teasing her nips, Ian was looking at her, his cock was twitching, I gave him an instruction, time for you to feel her panties, I don’t want you to go inside them just feel if they are wet,

In a second his hand and fingers started to explore her pussy bulge, his swallowed hard before telling me she soaking wet.

Kath was now getting very aroused her breathing becoming deeper, and she twisted her arse against my hard cock.

I snapped her bra undone, hit tits dropping slightly as the rested and settled out of their confines, very quickly Ian was standing sucking at her nipple, and still feeling her wetness .

I slide my fingers inside her tight black panties, feeling the sharpness of her trimmed pussy, her legs parted even further as I pushed her sticky lips apart, to feel the hardness of her clit, she shuddered as I flicked a finger across it.

Would you like to see her cunt again Ian ? Take her panties down and look at her wet cunt as I finger her.

He dropped to his knees and he slowly easier her panties down, I continued to just rub her slit, as it opened with the pressure of my fingers, the graze of pressure on her clit enough to cause a shiver

Kath was now standing in her heels and black stockings her panties stretching around her knees as I finger and tease with a guy starring straight at her cunt,

Ian’s cock was looking very hard and throbbing I could feel her juices bubbling around my fingers, I held her open so he could see the wetness and her clit,

Kath pushed back against me again as she bent to easy her panties off,

She sat on the bed and as Ian stood she took control of his cock, holding it in her hand before, slipping it into her mouth.

She had manoeuvred onto the floor as she sucked licked and teased his cock, her lipstick was visible on the shaft of his cock, as well as the wetness from her mouth.

He pulled and teased her nipples, already hard and extending. Pulling her mouth away and moving back to the bed she spread her legs wide, her cunt looked ama ing framed by her belt and stockings, lips red and full, but her juices slick shiny and wet across her cunt,

Kath was rubbing her clit, and asking Ian to fuck her, instead he went down and starts to lick her cunt, at this point I need to get involved so Kath took me in her mouth.

Kath was really buzzing now and I must admit that ian was really hitting the spot with her, she was cumming hard and fast as he fingered and licked her pussy, soon she was shaking and trembling as she started to cum again. With ian’s fingers deep inside her she started to squirt, her juices soaking her and the bed.

I held her slightly exhausted from the climax but wanting more and asking Ian to fuck her. It’s an amazing feeling to hold your wife’s legs open as a young buck pushes his cock into her soaking cunt,I reached down to feel her lips parting and stretching to accommodate his cock.

Kath was sucking my cock and soon Ian’s youth started to show, as he grunted and shook slightly just before he deposited his spunk deep into Kath, I didn’t last much longer and so my spunk jetted across her face.

Ian pulled out and I watched his juice trickle out of Kath.