Written by Mark

14 Sep 2010

Alice likes to be taken by surprise, her fantasy usually involves being grabbed, her clothes ripped off and being fucked or ordered to suck cock. Earlier this summer she wanted to go further and do it outdoors instead of just in the house. Our house backs onto some woods with a path through, just the place for some fun. She got ready, short skirt, thong, no bra and a see thro blouse. She was to walk through the woods and I'd grab her and fuck her. I went ahead and waited until I heard her then jumping out shone a torch on her, told her to be quiet before gripping the blouse, ripping it open, squeezing, pinching and pulling her hard nipples, then pulling her skirt down before snapping the elastic of her thong dropping it to the floor and fingering her wet cunt. Touching her clit she shuddered, letting out a low moan as I wanked and pinched it. "You can fuck me if you want" she gasped. "Get down and suck my cock you fucking whore" I ordered, pushing her to her knees. She unzipped me taking my cock in hand, parted her lips as I held her hair, shoving my prick in her mouth. "Suck it Slut". She sucked and gobbled my cock as I thrust in to her mouth, taking my time making sure I didn't cum. Still holding her hair I pulled her to her feet, pulling her face close to mine telling her "I'm going to fuck you. You're just a cock hungry slag". Dragging her to the ground, forcing her to spread her legs I got on top and slammed my prick into her sopping wet, gaping cunt, before pulling out rubbing the end along her gash teasing her clit until she was gasping for me to fuck her saying she wanted my cock inside her. I gave her my length fucking her hard until we both came and I spunked inside her. Collecting up her clothes I walked her naked back to the lane behind our house through the gate into the garden. She was still hot and randy and we fucked again once we were inside.

It was a few days later, I was chatting to our neighbour, Gordon who is black, about 40, ten years older than us. He lives alone and during the course of the conversation it was clear he'd seen us returning from our game in the woods and had seen Alice, naked in the garden, mentioning the cum dripping from her shaved pussy which he'd noticed when she'd been illuminated by the light when I'd opened the back door, commenting on her large firm tits and the size of her nipples. I apologised and explained what we'd been doing and told him it wouldn't happen again. He said "Don't let me stop you having fun. I wouldn't mind giving Alice a surprise. Come round for drinks on Saturday night. I've got something that'll please and surprise her". I gave a noncommittal reply, thinking no chance. I told Alice what had been said and to my surprise she wasn't in the least embarrassed about being seen, wanting to accept the invitation suggesting it would be fun "He's seen me naked, I've nothing to hide". "Do you want him to fuck you" I asked. She smiled and nodded that she found him attractive but wanted to be blindfolded. I went to accept and told him she was up for a surprise. He told me some other blokes would be there but not to tell Alice.

Saturday night Alice got ready. I'd bought a couple of items we'd need, a leather blindfold, a studded collar, and leash . She showered, shaved her pussy then when she went to get dressed I stopped her, blindfolded her, attached the collar and leash telling her that was all she'd be wearing. Her cunt was already wet with cunt juice as I led her out of the house, into the dark, down the garden, out the gate and into Gordon's garden. I knocked on the back door which was answered by Gordon who invited us in. We could hear voices as I led her into the lounge. We stood in the door, Alice naked in front of three of Gordon's friends. Gordon told her "You can leave now or stay and be fucked by me and my friends". She stepped forward in to the room. "How many of you are there? How many are going to fuck me?" was her only question. She was told to wait and see. Gordon took the leash and led her round the room, telling them to feel her up, finger her white pussy. Whilst two undressed she was fingered, had her tits groped, nipples pinched before Gordon buried his face between her legs licking her sweet pussy, getting her wetter and open. She was ready to take cock, two of which were hard, large a good 8 or 9 inches, and very thick, certainly more than she was used to. I sat back to watch as Gordon and his mate took a leg each, carried her over to one of the waiting men, then holding her legs splayed wide open lowered her cunt down to the waiting huge black cock. The shiny black knob nudged against her pussy and she gasped as she felt him penetrating her. She sighed "Oh my god", feeling her cunt stretch to accommodate his thick throbbing member, crying out when he stabbed the full 9 inches inside her slippery cunt. She lent back against his chest, impaled on his huge cock as he thrust in and out of her. Half a dozen thrusts and she came, a long moan from her open mouth. Gordon turned her head to him, pushing his cock to her lips, she willingly opened her mouth wider, greedily sucking on his prick, taking as much as she could until she gagged. Gordon had hold of his prick, wanking in her mouth as she was being fucked more deeply than ever before, cumming almost constantly, writhing when she felt one of the other blokes between her legs, tongue on her clitoris, licking, sucking and pulling her erect clitty as she was fucked, the tongue flicking her clit and licking the cock as it penetrated her cock filled cunt. She wanted spunk and told them to fuck her harder, to cum in her pussy to shoot in her mouth. Her cunt squelched with each thrust then the bloke increased his speed hammering in harder until he lifted his bum, holding her still as his prick pulsated, emptying his balls, spunking in her cunt, Gordon spunking in her mouth. I'd never seen her cum so hard, she was still orgasming as she was lifted from his cock, bent over a the chair and taken from behind another cock offered to her mouth to suck. I was still dressed, I'd agreed to watch but not join in, something I was beginning to regret I was so hard. She was being fucked hard again when the door bell rang. I looked over at Gordon who said that he'd invited some more mates over and to let them in. Only three had been mentioned but when I opened the door there was another 6 blokes, all black, aged between about 20 and 50.

With ten of them it was certain that at least one or more would be hard and ready to fuck Alice, who had no idea exactly how many were going to have her. She was lapping it up, demanding more cock, telling them she wanted to be fucked senseless, as she was passed from one bloke to another. As soon as one came in her another hard prick slammed in to replace it. I lost count of the number of times she was fucked. Over about 4 hours she constantly had a stiff prick up her cunt and usually in her mouth at the same time. Towards the end her cunt was so stretched, gaping open, spunk flooding out that two of the men with the largest cocks took her at the same time. She was being fucked by one, on top of him, riding him facing his feet when the other pushed her back, and worked his cock in next to his mates. Her cunt was stuffed full as she felt the second cock sliding into her cunt until she'd taken his full 8 or so inches and they both fucked her until they both came inside her almost simultaneously. Just before we left at about 4 am one tried to arse fuck her but she was to tight and after only taking an inch or two she told him to stop, but may be they could try again another time.

We got home before light and before showering I fucked her, slipping my cock in to her still loose gaping cunt, feeling spunk running out as we fucked to climax. She didn't know any of their names or exactly how many there were, she lost count of how many times she was fucked after the first dozen or so, but reckons she was fucked at least 30 times and as she said that's a lot of spunk and a lot of cock. Since then she has been a regular visitor getting frequently shagged by Gordon and his mates, now lets them arse fuck her too. A couple of weekends back she went with them to a party where she was the only white woman and was passed from one bloke to another until they'd all fucked before ending up with one of the girls having sex with her while everyone watched. Now she can not get enough black cock, although I still get to fuck her regularly as well.