Written by Marty69

27 Jan 2016

For years I have fantasized about watching my beautiful Wife Linda being fucked by Matthew a man she had an affair with some years ago, but never thought that one day I would actually have my wish come true. After the affair ended we moved away from the area .

It happened while I was way on a course and standing in the bar one night I recognised a chap who had lived across the road from our Hotel, it was his house that I had imagined was were my wife was first unfaithful with Matthew. I did not particularly want to speak but he had recognised me as well and came over . "Long time no see" we both said. We had a few drinks and as the bar was closing he invited me back to his flat for another drink and after a while he said. At the time when he left the village my wife was going to go and live with Matthew, so he did not know that she had stayed with me or that we were still together.

After another drink or two he said, " I almost forgot but I have some great videos that I secretly shot of Matthew and your ex, would you like to watch them or would you rather not be reminded?"

My prick started to jerk as I replied" No I would love to see them if its not too much bother to find them"

"No problem I will soon find them , I have not watched them for ages , you should see the cock on that Matthew he is hung like a horse. Do you want to go and get us another beer from the kitchen while I sort them out".

When I came back into his lounge he was putting a DVD in the player, " This one is the first time he screwed your wife, he had asked me before the party if he could use a room because he thought your missus was up for it at last, as he had been chasing her for months and he thought that tonight she was finally going to let him have her, and he had got himself some Viagra , and boy did he, he must have screwed her at least six times that I can remember. I let him use a room that I had hidden video cameras in".

The film started with my wife and Matthew going into the bedroom, kissing each other and scrabbling at each others clothes both it seemed desperate to get the other on naked. As my wife's dress slid to the floor Matthew stood back for a moment and gazed at her, " Oh Linda you are just so beautiful, I can't wait much longer ". she reached behind her and unclasped her bra, freeing her fabulous breasts for him, he cupped them in his hands and leaned down to kiss each swollen nipple, I could see his tongue flicking each nipple in turn making Linda moan with pleasure, " Oh Matthew " she moaned, " Let me see you", he stepped back from her and very quickly discarded his clothes, I could see the huge hard bulge in his briefs and as he slid them down his magnificent penis sprang free, it must have been nine inches and quite thick and it jutted up proudly from his lean firm body . " Oh Matthew, you are huge, if I had known how big you were I would not have waited this long" my wife muttered, " I want to kiss it " she said dropping to her knees in front of him, she reverently took his penis in her tiny fist and started to stroke along its turgid length , she cupped his huge balls with her other hand and then lowered her mouth to his penis, her tongue flicking over the bulbous swollen purple dome, licking the trail of clear pre cum that was escaping from the eye , " Is that nice ?" she said looking up to him, he was in heaven , he put his hands on my wife's head and as her mouth slid around him he pushed gently forwards easing his solid manhood into her eager mouth, soon he was groaning, "Oh Linda , Linda I want to make love to you", he pulled her up from her knees and kissed her mouth, his hands sliding down her body inside her slinky silk panties, Linda groaned as his gently eased them down her legs, now she stood before in just her sheer black stockings looking more beautiful than I had ever remembered seeing her , " Linda you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," Matthew murmured , I want to make love to you all night and for the rest of my life.He pushed her backwards towards the huge bed and as she fell back on it her legs parted naturally for him, " I want to eat you" he said, this was something Linda never allowed me to do to her, but she just said, " You can do anything you want to me , I'm all yours ."

His hands gently parted her thighs a bit more, his finger brushing gently along her vagina lips before he slid a finger inside her, Linda groaned as his finger easily slid in , he pushed it in and out a few times , Linda was now humping against him as , moaning" Oh yes Matthew, Yes Yes please make me come", he buried his face between her spread thighs, I could see his tongue lap her labia lips, she groaned again , " Oh Matthew, Matthew quick I want your big hard cock inside me, I want to feel you come hard inside me".

I watched as Matthew slid up the bed on top of my wife, supporting his weight on his elbows, she reached between their naked bodies and grabbed his rock hard cock, I was finally about to witness my wife being taken by another man, this is what I had imagined so many times, and now finally my wishful thinking had been granted. My cock was bursting in my pants and I desperately wanted to get it out and have a wank, but I could not in front of Clive, I could feel my own pre cum soaking my underpants, but knew I would have to wait until I got back to my Hotel bedroom before I could get proper release.

Linda stroked Matthew's hard erection along her labia, I could see that she was very wet, then as if it knew just where to go Matthew's penis started to sink slowly between the ruby lips of my wife's pussy, " Oh Matthew" she croaked, "Why did I wait so long "slowly and gently Matthew eased his huge penis into my wife's very wet and willing vagina

to be continued .......