Written by mmf

3 Jul 2007

hi im matty wife is ann & at last ive been able to enjoy my mfm fantasy for real. we have been married for 28 years now & ive always found the idea of another guy joing me in pleasuring ann such a turn on , ann enjoyed the thought of it sometimes but would never act on it until last week, all i can say is that it was well worth the wait. i had secretly contacted a guy from another site, & arranged to meet him to see if we got on, turned out pete was just the type ann ;iked & when i showed him anns pic he was all for it so we arranged to meet up the next night when ann would be with me. when home that night me & ann enjoyed a tremendus fuck during which i mentioned that i had to meet pete the next night, & perhaps if ann liked what she seen we could take the chance of having fun with him, we had had a few drinks when pete arrived so ann was a bit merry so i whisperd in her ear that if she liked the look of him & the fact he had 1 of the biggest cocks id ever seen she should take her panties of when she next wen to the loo, then give them to me . so shortly after this she came bck from the loo & handed me her soaking wet panties to me, at this point i said to pete drink up & come back to ours for a few. we arrived back at ours whereupon ann excused herself while we sat down to watch our fav adult fun pic where its al mfm fun. ann then came back wearing the sexies gear ive ever seen her in, i noticed this was (along with the movie?) having a reall effect on pete,my god his cock was like a flagpole straing against the cloth of his trousers. ann then sat down in between us then proceede to unzip us both freeing my modest 7" but quite thick. this to my knowledge was the only cock that ann had fun with before, she then freed petes monster to which she let out a huge sigh then got right down to devouring as much of his over 10" & like the proverbial babys arm thickness as she could, we both started to play with ann.s lovely tits then slowly moved to her very lightly haired pussy which was dripping wet with her juice pete then asked ann if she was ready for him, to which she answered get it in as far as you can, amazingly he slid right in up to the hilt. it was superb to see my lady taking this monster, after fucking her for about 5 mins. she then said she wanted my cock up her ass at the same time . this was another first so i grabbed the chance with both hands, christ she was insaatiable by now, not like my lady at all , the firat cum for us both happened by some form of chance we came at the same time both withdrawing from the holes we were enjoying & exploding all over ann. s so sexy face. my god this guy could cum never seen anything like it. we then went through to the bedroom where we all enjoyed more fun for most of the night. after pete had left anns words to me were why the fuck have i left it so long to have that kind of fun it was superb, & i want it more & more from now on. a request i will be more than happy to comply with