Written by sue

23 Oct 2017

i am sue I am 36 ,blonde size 12 and 5 ft 8 tall , my legs and tits are my sexy parts . a few weeks ago ,I had an argument

with my husband , so I got ready and went out for a drink to annoy him. I wore a really short skirt with black tights a thin top and heels no bra ,and also a coat ,I went into a local pub , its a rough place but been a Wednesday night it was quiet , only about 5 people in there . I sat at the bar ,got a drink and sat there , I had been there 10 minuets when this old fat man walked in , he walked right over to where I was and bought a pint., he stood there a few mins ,then started chatting to me , to be honest I didn't take much notice . my coat was open and he kept looking down at my legs , I said I was going for a smoke out side and he followed. the smoke area was about 30 foot from the rear door , a long bench table surrounded by a high fence , he sat down and I was stood up , and I was a bit taken back when he said ,you have great legs ,its a pity you have tights on, and even more shocked when he said if you take them off I will buy you a drink , I said I think not and set off back , I looked back at him and he was rubbing his crotch . back in the pub I sat back down , drank my drink and I don't know why , but the thought of an old fat man looking at my bare legs started getting me going , and when he came back in I asked what drink would you buy me , he said what ever you want , so I said get me a good cocktail , he ordered one and I went to the loo , I removed my tights , then realised I had no panties on , and I could not believe it but I was getting wet thinking about what I was doing . I went back to the bar ,but he wasn't there , then I heard him call, he was sat in the corner out the way , I walked over and he said wow here sit down , I sat near him , he kept looking down saying they are perfect , and after a few mins he said can I touch them , I said a quick touch , he put his hand on my thigh , sliding it up and down ,he went up to the hem of my skirt, and I did the unthinkable , I opened my legs ,his hand went under my skirt and touched my shaved pussy, he actually fingered me , and made me come. he said come on lets go for another cig , I knew he was expecting more but I went anyhow , he was walking in front of me , his hands were in front of him and when we got to the smoke area , I found out why , he sat on the seat with his cock out , it was hard , not that big maybe 5 or 6 inch but very fat , he grabbed me, pulling me over to him and I found myself stood straddling him, his hand went up the back of my legs to my ass , he touched my pussy which was soaking wet , I lowered down straight onto him , I got going that much I took my coat off opened my top and let him suck and chew my hard nipples , we fucked for about 2 mins when he said he was coming , I said you can come in me but I want you to lick it out after , I felt him come and god he came a lot I could feel 6 spurts of his hot come in me, and when I sat on the table and he licked some of it out I had a massive orgasm , he zipped himself up , we went back inside, I could feel his come on my thighs , but when we sat down his hands went back on my legs up to my pussy wiping them , he kept playing with my clit , keeping me on the edge , but I looked at the time and said I have to go , he finally made me come , and before I left I gave him a kiss and said thank you . he said I am here every Wednesday ,

at that I got up and left , I cant make my mind up if I want to go back again, but I have laid in bed playing with myself at the thought of a fat old man doing things to me