Written by dirty denise

23 Aug 2011

Hubbys Dad was coming to stay with us for a few days. He had been on his own now for a few years, still in good nick for a 75 year old. I am 44 with a lovely pair of 36c tits and a good size 12 frame.

He arrived on tuesday night, just the usual chit chat and drinks.In the morning hubby went off to work. I could hear Ed moving about, so I got up. I slipped my dressing gown on and was going to go down stairs, but as I passed his bedroom door it was slighty ajar. He was getting dressed, his cock must have been 8/9 inches slack, it just dangled down between his legs, I could feel a trickle of juice leak from my pussy. I stood there amazed at the size of it. Size did not run in the family as hubby only has a 6 incher and that is on a good day. He continued to dress so I went down stairs, my pussy was now soaking. He came down for breakfast, bit of chat then he said "See he still has not fixed the bedroom door, anybody could look in" I coloured up. It was not mentioned again.

That evening we all went out for dinner, had a good few drinks and had a good time. Hubby had gone to the bar when Ed asked if I had a good view this morning. "You know what I mean" Fresh drinks arrived before I had time to answer.

Next morning hubby had gone to work, all I could think of was the huge cock that was only about 10 foot away in the next room, I frigged my self off to a very wet orgasm.I went to the bath room and had a shower. On the way past his room I sneaked a look in. He was lay on top of the quilt with his cock in his hand stroking it. It was now at least 11/12 inches long. It was gorgeous."Dont just stand there, if you want to see it properly come inside" I pushed the door open and walked inside, I had just gotten out of the shower so I was totally naked. "fuck me you look horny" "not as horny as that beautiful thing you have hold of" I moved forward and took hold of it,stroked it up and down, it was rock hard. I leaned forward and kissed the tip , then kissed it about three or four times. The next one I put my lips on it and opened my mouth, taking the head in to my mouth, my mouth was nearly full. I sucked on it hard licking all round his helmet. "Suck me off" he said. So I started sucking hard then I felt him pulse and 3 squirts of cum hit the back of my throat, I swallowed as best as I could making sure I did not lose any of it. As I was bent over sucking his cock his hand had found my wet pussy and he was fingering me.His finger was still in me when I had finished swallowing his cum.I pushed myself on to his finger and he was ramming it in to me. I was cumming all over his fingers.

I wanted his cock in me but he said it would be ages before he could get it up again, "theres always tomorrow morning" So for the next two mornings as soon as hubby was gone I would get straight in to Eds bed. I did get his cock in me on the two occassions I was in his bed and he certainly knew how to use it.

Have to get him to visit again soon.