Written by AlwaysWantingMore

2 Apr 2012

Last Wednesday, my FB and I decided to try the Empire Cinema Club in Huddersfield. We had been once before but I bottled it when I got felt up by "Lilly Savage", and it was all a bit intimidating. We locked ourselves into a booth and had fun with each other behind closed doors. We enjoyed the seediness of it, but were a bit disappointed about the lack of interaction with others.

This time, FB was wearing a new denim mini skirt with tan hold-ups, a bright red see thru thong, no bra with a strappy black top. I felt her pussy as she walked up the stairs in front of me, and she was definitely damp with the anticipation of what we were about to do. Entry duly paid, we walked into the darkness of the first cinema, we stopped to get our bearings (and night-sight) back, little-thinking that we were advertising her presence to everyone, before going through to the smaller rear room.

A couple of older guys letched at her as we passed the coffee room, and we entered the back room to the sight of and old fella sat by the door wanking as he watched the film. We sat on the second from back row, and barely had we settled when the room was half full of guys, and another couple sat in front of us. FB draped her right leg over mine and we snogged as I slid my hand up her silky thighs to the (already very damp) crotch of her thong and began to rub in circles across her engorged clit and lips,

I looked up to see a lot of jockeying for position amongst the guys in there, the bloke from the couple had turned to watch and was whispering in his partner's ear, but she didn't look once. Not even as they suddenly got up and left the room (which was a shame!) FB now slumped down in the chair as we kissed passionately and she reached down and pulled her thong aside. My finger delved into her wetness as she flicked her clit and moaned into my mouth.

I lifted my hand up to her tits to pull them out of her top, to find a hand already there. One of the two guys in the row behind was just sliding his fingers down her top.. As my hand slid back between her legs to her shaved pussy, it met another hand from the bloke next to her, who had taken advantage of my absence to claim her clit for his own. As I forced two fingers into her soaked cunt, she had her first gush of the afternoon over my hand.

A few minutes more of multiple hands stroking her tits, legs and pussy and FB arched her back and came hard on my fingers, the rhythmic pulsing of her cunt walls turning into a flutter as she came down. It all got a bit intimidating again then as she tried to close her legs, and one of the guys was trying to pull her legs back open and the tit-feeler wouldn't relinquish has grasp of her either. She suggested to me that we leave, do we went back into the private booth for further fun. We spent a good couple of hours sucking and fucking in the booth before leaving for the long journey home.

I will finish with a question: suggestion for the guys in the Empire..... Why not let couples settle in piece, and not try to pull the woman's jacket off? If she had been left alone for a short while after her cum, I think my FB may have been happy to stay in the main cinema, for handjobs and even possibly oral but the grabbing hands and everyone closing in on her put her off..... Your loss guys!