Written by Dude

3 Jan 2008

My wife and I were at a small party with about eight or nine 20-somethings. There were two other couples, and two single girls. As the night wore on and the drinks flowed through us, we ended up playing Truth or Dare. As you can imagine, that got naughty pretty quickly; with making the girls talk about their sexual histories, and masturbating (under their clothes) in front of everyone, among other things. There was enough kinky material to write a book about that night, but I am now writing about the "cum shots."

My wife was dared by a guy to be completely topless for 20 minutes while wearing a blindfold, and she was about halfway through it. (this was super hot in itself).

Then she chose "truth" and was asked about the kinkiest thing she has ever done with semen, and she told everyone about licking a load of my cum off a glass coffee table. Everyone reveled! Her next turn she chose "dare" and the girl dared her to replay the cum - coffee table incident, and she reluctantly agreed. Well, I got up and started jacking off over the (wood) coffee table. I found it was difficult to finish the job in a hurry, even though I was extremely horny. I noticed another guy was rubbing his hard on through his pants, and I gave him the wink/nod. Completely without words, I communicated to him to jack off on the table. Then I got the other guy to start. After a few minutes, all three of us had ejaculated a large puddle on the middle of the table. I led the group in nervously inviting my wife to remove her blindfold and commence eating the cum. When she saw the cum, she was amazed at how much was there, ut she had no idea it was from three men.

Then wee all watched her slowly lick up every last drop of semen off the table. It was enough to get me completely hard again (but not kiss her for the rest of the night).

I have never told her what happened.