Written by M8 Fucker

15 Sep 2008

I live opposite our local pub which was a right result this particular saturday night .

There was a band on at the pub so it was really busy.

Dawn was in there as her husband was playing in the band. We had been flirting together for a while, until I decided she was a prick teaser so stopped the flirting.

My wife was also there , we usually spend an hour together then one of us goes off with mates before we meet up at the end of the night.

Dawn came and said \"hi \" and the three of us chatted before my wifes pals came and she was off.

Dawn told me it was her birthday last week , but I couldnt be arsed, so started to make excuses saying I was nipping home to take jacket off, when she asked if she could come and collect her birthday present .

Knowing her , I told her she was just a tease ,to which she said \"as soon as the band start I will be over but we have to be quick as I will be missed \"

\"yeah yeah what ever \"

Anyway I went off home , threw jacket on chair ,was about to go back over road , but I thought i\'ll just hang on for five just incase.

Now dawn is 39 , about 5\'5 a tad over weight with a pretty face and massive tits.

So I am at back door when I hear the band strike up, but guess what ? No Dawn .

I lock door , when all of a sudden I hear footsteps at the back of the house coming down the path , so walk to the gate and its her , reaching up to kiss me .

\" not here \" I said \" that nosy cow next door will see \"

We walked to back door , I fumbled with the key and ended up snogging the face off her in the porch. Hands on her ample , but firm arse while we kissed like teenagers.

She said it was the first time in 20 years of marriage that she had kissed another man and my comment about her being a tease had made her think.

\" how far can we go \" I asked her

\"we only got 10 minutes till I have to be back\" then she pulled her top down and said \" suck my tit \" She had the biggest nipples I have ever seen they were fucking massive , I was rock hard and she felt my cock through my jeans .

She gasped and said \" I can feel it I can feel it \"

\" Get him out to play I said \"

She undid my jeans and took my cock in her hand , she prised my mouth off her nipple , and started to wanking my throbbing cock. I nearly came .

We were kissing and I slid my hand down her trousers and she was so, so wet \" I\'m gonna cum \" I gasped, she let go of my cock dropped her trousers and said \" cum in my knickers then I can feel you between my legs all night \"

This was the horniest thing I had ever heard and with 3 tugs I exploded into her knickers and over her hairy minge .

She pulled her knickers and trousers up, dropped to her knees and sucked every last drop of cum out of me , stood up , put her tit away ,said \" next time I cum too \" Kissed me , and was gone .

This had all happened in the porch, thank god we have a solid and not glass door !!

I tidied my self up and wandered back across the road.

The lads were there so I stood with them but could not take my eyes off Dawn.

She kept pulling trousers up and wriggling her arse , it was so fucking horney , knowing what was in her knickers .

She walked past on the way to the ladies and said \" I\'m gonna go and taste ya now \" Jesus , I was hard again.

After about 10 minutes she came out , walked up to me and whispered \" I want more and soon \"

She gets it on a regular basis now .

Will post more soon