Written by R

8 May 2007

Bindu was my friend's wife. She was tall, fair and had a very well propotioned body. In addition to this, the thing that attracted me the most was that she had the most exquisite feet.

She was lying on the bed and i was at her feet kissing the soles of her feet. The skin on the soles of her feet was soft and silky. I put my tongue out and licked the sole of her foot starting at the heel and working my tongue up till her toes. The taste of her soles was amazing and the aroma of her feet was a mix of the natural scent of her feet and the leather from her heels which she had been wearing till then.

Once I had finished licking each and every inch the soles of her feet, I drew my tongue between her toes licking them, pausing to suck each of her toes into my mouth sucking them one by one, massaging them softly with my tongue and coating them with my saliva.

I did the same to her other foot and by the time I finished with it, she was lying back with her eyes closed and moaning softly. Then I began my journey upward...