17 Jun 2016

Your comments on my earlier contribution made me think, had my wife fucked Ricardo!

Yes, she was very wet but she often is after a lot of wine! Ricardo seemed quite relaxed when I caught him with his fingers in my wife's big wet cunt, he was still touching her after I had disturbed them and showed no real sign of stopping.

Whilst we fucked this afternoon, I mentioned his name, and asked did she want us to find him so she could fuck him, she reluctantly admitted that when she was wanking him in the dark corner near the toilets she had climbed astride and pulling her panties aside had impaled her pussy on his big cock taking his full length and thick girth deep inside. She says she moved slowly fucking him but one of the younger guys who had been groping her earlier came over and disturbed them, she said that he would not have known that Ricardo's cock was inside her pussy as her dress was covering any obvious sign. However, being disturbed sort of brought her to her senses and she said she suddenly realised she had let things go too far.

Having eventually climbed off his cock Ricardo quickly tried to keep her at a high level of intense enjoyment and stuck two fingers into her cunt and this was the scenario that I encountered. She said he had nodded towards the toilets suggesting they go there but she was not keen. She said that had I not arrived when I did then she would probably have done more than just sit on his cock.

Does she want to fuck him, in the light of day she says no, but then if we do find him again she may take a different view. I love to see my wife being groped and fingered but have not had the courage to watch her being fucked, maybe this will come, but I think I would rather know that she has just been shagged when I pick her up than be there to see. She has come home nicely filled many years ago and maybe now is the time for more!