Written by Dan

1 Apr 2017

So where do I start.

Me and my fiancée sally were all set for our first holiday together. Nice 2 weeks all inclusive in sharm.

Let me describe sally. She is 56 quiet a large lady with huge tits and big nipples, a nice waxed pussy and a big firm arse.

We had often chatted about swinging and involving other people in the bedroom but we never did anything about it as we were happy and our sex life was amazing (anything goes).

So back to what happened.

Off we went on our first holiday together. The hotel was amazing, the staff were friendly and helpful and the room was magnificent.

We fucked at every opportunity at least 3-4 times a day.

One night when we were fucking I asked sally if we could take it out onto the balcony which she readily agreed but we had forgotten that we had a swim up room which could be seen from every angle possible.

But that did not stop us and we fucked like animals not caring if anyone saw us. As we were shagging away one of the waiters was approaching to which I alerted sally to but she just said "carry on fucking me and let him see us" so I did and he walked past up to us, stopped for a few minutes to watch and then smiled and walked off.

Sally came hard on my cock as she was so turned on that this young hot waiter had seen her naked and was watching us.

The next morning over breakfast the young waiter walked past us and winked at sally. She smiled back and then told me that she got so turned on by having someone catch us and watch that she wanted to fuck again that night on the balcony.

So that night we did and low and behold the young waiter walked past, stopped to watch us and then went on his way.

During the next day Mohammed which was him name came up to us and asked us if we needed drinks. He couldn't take his eyes off of sally lying there topless with her huge tits on show. He then went and got us our drinks and on returning complimented sally on her body.

Late afternoon after plenty of visits by Mohammed sally felt unwell and said that she was going back to the room to lie down. As she was walking back to our room I noticed that sally had been stopped by Mohammed for a few minutes and they were chatting before sally said her goodbyes and went back to the room.

It got to about half 6 when I decided to have one last dip before heading back to check on Sally.

Waking back to the room I past our swim up room and balcony and noticed that the curtains were open and that sally was naked.

I threw my towel over onto our balcony and got in the swim up pool leading to our room. I approached our balcony doors and got the shock of my life as I looked in.

There was sally on her back with her young stud Mohammed between her legs fucking her like his life depended on it.

I had a mixture of anger but also arousel as there I was watching my gorgeous fiancée being fucked hard by this young buck.

My cock started to stir as I watched this impressive specimen service sally. After about 15 minutes I could tell that he was close and he tensed up and unloaded deep inside Sally's unprotected pussy. He then pulled out got dressed and left.

I quickly got my towel and made my way round to the front of our room. I entered to find sally in the shower. I asked her if she was feeling better which she replied "oh god yes I feel 100 times better now" to which I smiled knowing what she meant.

That night sally dressed to impress. No bra, black thong and a short dress with killer heels. She turned every guys head in the hotel. She seemed like a different woman.

We settled down for the evenings entertainment and Sally's new friend came over with our drinks with sally and her stud exchanging smiles.

After around an hour of drinking sally said that she felt unwell again and headed back to the room. I kissed her goodnight and sat and had a few more beers.

When the entertainment had finished I walked back to our room to find out door open slightly and I could hear moaning noises coming from our room.

I snuck in to find sally bent over our bed with Mohammed ramming his big cock deep inside her with sally screaming "oh my god I'm cumming again" and "fuck me hard and deep" , "fuck me like the slut that I am"

I just stood and watched as this young buck fucked Sally's pussy well. I left the room before they would notice I was there and went back to the bar. I was joined by an English couple who were pleasant enough. The bloke was pretty drunk and his wife wasn't far behind. She asked me where sally was to which I replied that she was in our room as she was feeling unwell. She laughed and said "do you not mean she is being fucked by the hotel stud"

I asked her what she meant and she proceed to tell me that Mohammed had a reputation as a ladies man and that even she has had him.

I finished my drink and said my goodbyes and went back to the room.

Sally was fast asleep so I slid in next to her and after a few minutes of touching her we fucked. Her pussy felt used, swollen and sticky. I have to admit it was a major turn on fucking her knowing that she had been fucked just before.

Bacially the rest of the holiday was spent with sally going back to the room and Mohammed fucking her at every opportunity until our last night when I walked in on them.

As they saw me Mohammed went to pull out of Sally's slut hole but I told him to stay inside her and to carry on.

I sat in the chair with my cock in my hand slowly wanking myself as I watched sally take his huge cock deep inside her.

I told sally to be vocal and boy was she vocal. Screaming things like "that's it baby show him how a real man should fuck me" and " Mohammed your cock feels so big inside me, give my naked womb all of your cum"

I watched on as Mohammed impressively fucked Sally's pussy a lot longer than I could ever manage. Then he tensed up, looked round at me and winked as he unloaded a huge amount of cum deep inside her.

He got off and left kissing sally goodbye.

As soon as he left I got between Sally's legs and we fucked.

Since then sally has got many lovers and we have had a lot more fun since.