Written by Gail P

10 Jun 2011

I would like to continue with my true story of what happened to me at a fifties dinner dance, held at a club near Bristol, but first I would like to thank the people who were kind enough to post their comments, I really didn't think that my story and my writing was good enough to be enjoyed by readers of S H.

Having spoken to Pauline and finding out that she was planning to go out to the stores shed with Don, her boyfriend, I waited for Paul to return to our table. I told him that Pauline and Don was planning to go out to the shed and was he interested in joining them, he was very much up for it, but doubted that she was as sexy sa me, a nice thing to say but I doubted it was true.

We watched Pauline and when we saw her leave the dance floor and head for the door we followed, seeing them enter the shed we waited for a few minutes and then went in ourselves, we found them sitting on some crates kissing, Paulines top was already off, her bra undone and hanging from one shoulder showing her breasts with their long nipples. We stood in the corner and watched as Don sucked on those long nipples and squeezed her pert breasts, his hand went up her skirt obviously finding its goal, her pussy, as her head went back leaning on his shoulder, her eyes were now closed as she quietly moaned, they stood up Don pulled down her skirt and thong leaving her naked.

She knealed in front of him, slipping his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth sucking hard on it and tickling his balls with her fingers at the same time. It wasn't long before they stopped abrubtly, he lay her down on the floor pushing her legs wide open, I could now see her open pussy with her inner lips hanging down and her lovely smooth shaved pubes, it looked great, I vowed that it looked so good I was going to shave mine it the first opportunity, I would love to have felt hers, it looked so good. His fingers went into her pussy pushing and twisting into her hole as she squirmed on the floor, they stood up, he bent her over over some boxes pushing his cock into her from the rear and started fucking her really hard.

While all this was going on, I found my blouse was now wide open with Paul fondling my boobs till my nipples were hard and aching and I, for a second time that night was wanting much more, Pauls hard cock was out and I had started to gently stroke it, also another two couples had pushed their way into the shed, and were standing behind us, fondling each other while they watched the action that was happening in front of us.

Don was now pumping hard into pauline who was moaning loudly, she shuddered and squeeled shouting, I'm coming,, as she reached her climax, it wasn't long before Don went rigid pulling her into him as he pumped his cum into her obviously wet pussy, they collapsed exhausted, sitting on the boxes together, we could clearly see their mixed juices oozing out of her still open pussy.

Paul was now ready for me again, kissing and fondling me, he pushed my skirt up, pulling my panties off, his fingers explored my waiting pussy, tweaking my clit till I could stand it no longer and imlored him to give me his cock in there, bending me over he pushed ito me, filling my hole with his engorged cock, as he pumped into me it wasn't very long before I reached my orgasm, probably the best and longest that I have ever had as I screamed and shuddered my way through it, as I subsided Paul continued pumping into me, I could see the two couples behind me, they ere in varios stages of undress, both girls breast were on display, I could clearly see one girl with a cock in her mouth, and the other one I think was being fingered as I could see her partners hand up inside her skirt.

Pauls hands now came round the front of my thighs pulling my bum hard into him as he exploded his cum deeply into my wet pussy again. As we recovered Pauline pushed past us shouting, I have to go, we followed her outside as she went to the back of the shed, squatting down she started to pee, I watched as she started with a trickle and then it gushed out, causing a small river to flow beneath her, this continued for what seemed like for ever untill it finally reduced to a trickle and ceased.

We all went back into the shed, after dressing we watched as another couple playing with each other before returning to the dance floor and another couple of much needed drinks.