Written by Mr Taxi

19 Dec 2010

Well it finally happened last night, in 3 years of taxi driving i have had a few couples playing in the back when drunk, although its horny its v hard to see much especially when its dark, i have had many horny flirty women which doesn't come to much and quite a few drunk women who fall out of dresses. However last night i picked up 4 girls (aged about 23 ish)dressed up as xmas elves and pixies who were drunk especially one who dressed as a pixie sat in the front.

We hadn't gone 1/2 mile of the 16 journey to thier village when they start arguing tearing bits out of each other. it was quite comical however two were sisters (1 in the front) and had been bitching behind each others back especially as the one in the front had been having an affair and had told her husband but was out proving she was still allowed out.

anyway she was sat in the front but turned aroung facing the back slagging her sisters and friends off, as she was doing this her knees were pushed up against my hand which was sat on the gear stick. After a couple of miles she was arguing harder and seemed to be pushing against my hand harder, now i don't think she was aware of what she was doin. i allowed my little finger to stick out and there for just touch the top of her knee, she was wearing knee length stripy socks, something like hot pants and a stripy cotton vest, with reasonable boobs. she didn't notice or move so i let three fingers sit on her knee, still no complaint so i slowed down slightly without them noticing. the argument got more heated and as we left the town I started rubbing her leg slightly. at this point she seem to notice and looked at me, she sort smirked and then carried on arguing. I took this as she ddint mind as she didn't move her knees and slowly in the dark put my hand on her knee and slightly between them, she allowed them to relax and i slowly rubbed my hand up and down inside her legs slowly moving higher. it was hard concentrating on both things and by now i was raging hard. its a fairly straigt long road to thier village so i managed. after 3-4 mins i was actually high enough to touch her hot pants and i could feel the warmth and the edge of the leg material either side, i managed to pull the material slightly to one side and was able to prob feeling her lips and some wetness, amazing she carried on arguing with her sister saying cheating with her husband was only a one of. didn't take long to slip in my little finger and 1 finger although i could really plunge them in in that postition or without the others knowing. unfortuantely shortly after we got to thier village and i had to remove my hand to change gears but still kept rubbing the top of her leg.

we dropped of the two friends first and then the sisters really started tearing into ech other, shortly after we dropped the sister in the back off and she paid for the taxi for the 3 in the back. the minute the sister in the back was out i slid my hand up her legs and was quite rough pulling her hot pants material to one side and with a bit of a push got my middle 3 fingers right up up her. At this she put her right hand on my jeans and started squeezing my cock. i pulled my left hand out and started driving off. i asked where to and she said to drive out the village and find some where. it took about 4 mins to drive out the village and i pulled into an entrance to some woodlands. before i had the car out of gear she was pulling at my jean buttons and released my cock. i lifted my bum and slid my jeans and boxes down to my knees whislt she rubbed it then went straight down and started sucking like a pro, she as dribbling all over the place and cupping my balls with one hand. i was getting pretty close to cumin so quick so got her to stop.

i think sat her up and just pulled the straps of the t shirt arms down over her arms, she moved he elbows and arms out and i went down and started sucking these medium sized but really firm tits and hard nipples and slide my right hand back up into the leg of her hotpants and 3 fingers straight into her sopping fanny. she was squirming and moaning like mad. there wasn't enough room to get my head down to lick her so i said i was coming arounf her side. i got out stumble around to the passenger door, it was bloody freezing but i didn't really care. opened her door and knelt on the freezing grass. we kissed, i sucked and licked her tits for a while and she led back giving me the hint to go lower so i pulled her hot pants to the side and just manage to get my tongue to lick and nicely shaven pussy a bit. then as i could get my tongue in i lifted her bum a bit and slid her hot pants down, no knickers and took them off one foot, she said we couldn't fuck and went straight back delving my tongue right in deep. after a few mins she started moaning and came but held my head to carry on however i moved up to suck her breasts and kiss her, as i did she grabbed my cock which was dribbling by now and rubbed it hard pulling it to her. as we kissed she just kept rubbing my cock accross her fanny lips. it was too hard to resist pumping my hips a little and as i did i could feel my cock just sliding into her warmth especially as it was so cold out. then she started saying deeper, deeeper so i put it depper with each push. just as i got right upto the hilt she started screaming i guess to another orgasm at which point i knew i wasn't gonna last long sojust started slamming like mad, she pulled he knees up and i moaned like mad as i came, it's had been a while so it felt like gallons lasted a good 20 secs. at the end of it i pulled out and stood up. and looked at her, t shirt around her middlehot pants around one ankle, her juices and come all ovver her pussy and dribbling out. she just leant forward and sucked my cock like her life depended on it. at this point i ws spent and starting to shiver so made excuses to get sorted and pulled up my jeans and went back to the drivers seat. she swung back in the car and pulled up her hot pants and got her arms back in her top. i got the car started and gave her another snog, slightly salty, before heading back to the village. we didn't speak apart from directions, when we got to her house she just said thanks, smiled and got out of the car. she was in a right mess, her red hotpants were soaking and showing a large damp patch on the front and some white goo. she just headed right on in to her house. iwould have really loved to hear what she said to her husband. but hope i get to give a lift home again and maybe when its warmer.