Written by Joan

11 Nov 2007

I was at our work christmas party, I felt I had to go, as being a manager & most of my staff were going, it felt right.

The organisers had cobbled a band together & also the obligatory poxy disco, not my thing at all

I'm 58, some would say plump, I would say short for my weight, I have fairly large breasts but they are a bit saggy after two kids, I'm married & usually very conservative in my behaviour

As it was a work day, though our last one of the year, I was dressed in a white cotton blouse, black trousers, black shoes with a small heel, I had one of my enormous bras on, white & definitely not sexy, & a pair of what I call my "big girl" pants, others might term them as Bridget Jones's!!

After a couple of drinks, the band came on, I knew all of them except for the drummer, he was tall & wearing full drag, with a great pair of heels & I immediately thought wow, he looks cool!

He also turned out to be the main singer, I couldn't take my eyes off of him & when he looked towards me, I have to confess to getting butterflies.

They did a great set & as they came off stage, I just ran up to the drummer & told him that I thought he was great & the blurted out that I wanted to be his groupie!!

He smiled & thanked me & said he would see what he could arrange, but now he had to change.

I waited till he got back, now in regular jeans & t shirt, the band packed away & as it was still early, they said they were going to a pub, Steve (drummer) asked me if I would like to join them

We headed off & whilst at the bar, Steve & I chatted & flirted, I said at one point that I ought to get home to my husband & family, as I felt guilty about being out later than planned, Steve said that I had nothing to feel guilty about , but If it was required, he would assist, I asked him what he meant & he said that he wanted to snog my face off, I grabbed his hand& we found a quiet corner, where we spent the next hour just kissing & fondling.

Then we left & headed home.

I got into work after xmas to find an email from Steve, he wanted to meet, we arranged to see each other on a lunchtime, as soon as we met, it was obvious, this was more than a kiss & a grope, My husband was going away for a few days, so once the kids were in school, Steve came round & we ripped each others clothes off, it was as if we were school kids, we crashed onto the bed & he was so gentle, he kissed my lips, neck, breasts, spending time to suckle on my nipples, which I love, he kissed his way down to my feet & sucked my toes, I was in heaven, as sex with my husband is awful & has been for sometime, then he worked his way back up, for a minute, panic set in, as I was still on my period, though it had nearly finished, he said no problem & was about to come past when I grabbed the cord & pulled out the tampon, I told him he could fuck me if he wanted, he could do whatever he wanted to, To my surprise & delight he ate my pussy, I must have come three times as he worked his magic,

Then he climbed back up & hi gorgeous cock went straight in to my heaven.

God, could he fuck, he started off slowly & gently, picking up speed gradually, I was nearly passing out with pleasure, then his pace really picked up as he hammered into me, finally as I came again with a scream, he shot his juice into my unprotected womb.

Never before have I cum with a partner, it was everything I'd ever dreamed of

He pulled out & lay next to me, I went down to clean this cock that I was so grateful to.

within a few minutes it reared up again

We spent seven & a half hours in bed fucking that day & that was just the start of my greatest sex ever

If you like this, I'll contimue about what we got up to in work time & how he sent me home to my husband with his seed pouring down my legs & he wouldn't let me clean up