Written by James

2 Jan 2018

Hey this is my fourth post now, sorry it’s been a bit slow and arduous but I’m glad to bring good news ! Me and Hannah are both glad to say we’re no longer in a completely closed marriage. This Monday we met up with a guy called Jack of a chat app and it finally happened. (We did meet up with Anthony again but it just didn’t go anywhere, my wife just didn’t have any chemistry with him and he was thankfully very understanding)

So let me tell the tale for you all ! We’ve been chatting on a few different apps and websites looking for a young man who Hannah would enjoy. Eventually we met Jack a younger lad from Leeds who was interested in an older woman. Again like previous we met for coffee and got to know him. He looks quite young actually, we were a bit worried at first but he showed us I.D. which was fortunate.

Hannah and I both come away with a good impression, he’s fairly good looking lad and seemed nice. We rung him up later that evening and said we’d like to go ahead with things and arranged for New Year’s Day, being busy over the holidays.

So about 2 weeks past and we didn’t think much about it, with the usual family Christmas. But I did give Hannah a little reminder as I bought her a nice sexy cream colored gown which made her smile. I said that jack would appreciate it even more !

Finally, after a long wait the night came. We met in a hotel again like last time and got there nice and early for settling in. This was the third time now we’d sat in a hotel waiting for a guy and we both felt more comfortable this time. He got there early as well and I suggested we had food first. We all went down to the little lobby cafe (not the best hotel !) and ordered food. Hannah wore a nice pare of ripped jeans and a crop top that had absolute bitch printed on which I thought was really sexy. Jack very graciously bought us drinks and we had a toast to a good night.

A meal and some alcohol later and we headed north. Jack and Hannah were both getting a bit flirty which was good and they’d got on really well all night. In the elevator we stood either side of her and gave her a peck on either cheek. Blood rushed threw my veins thinking about what was happening. We walked into the room and I took my now usual starting position on the dresser chair. Hannah went in the bathroom getting changed and Jack started stripping of as well.

After about 5 minutes she came out looking great, her hair looking fresh, wearing the beautiful gown I bought her and smelling sugary and sweet. It was one of those nice moments all husbands no about when you see your wife just like she was on your wedding day. Jack and her kissed passionately and lay on the bed, which pretty much made me rock hard in seconds. My heart was pounding as they rolled round in there embrace. His hands wandered all over her body feeling her curves threw the silky gown. They just seemed to go together easily.

After a good bit of soft play Hannah asked wether they could continue, I nodded as I tried awkwardly to unzip my pants. Hannah lay on her back and lifted her gown up just below her tits offering herself to jack. Off course he was obliging and gave her fresh shaven pussy a lick.

He seemed to be doing a decent job because Hannah was looking happy and stroking the back of his head. She offered me her hand and I went and sat next to her. It felt so natural as ridiculous as it seems and we watched together as his head bobbed up and down. Eventually my wife and I looked at each other knowing we were both ready, it felt right.

Hannah gave him a nudge and told him to put it in and I got out the way.

His eyes lit up at the prospect and I told him to enjoy while he popped a Condom on. He knelt on the bed in between her legs and gave her pussy one last touch with his spit covered fingers. I felt sick at this point so I got up and looked away while it went in. My stomach was notting like crazy and I went in the bathroom for a second, Hannah asked wether I was ok and I told them to carry on.

After composing myself I went out eyes covered and sat on the floor at the end of the bed, it was very bizarre hearing it happen while staring into the carpet. I did eventually pluck up the courage to look and I could see him bouncing up and down, with Hannah’s right leg pointing up into the air. I’d never noticed before but she has a habit of rolling her ankle around and wiggling her toes which made me smile.

After one seemed like and eternity, they both got louder and Jack really started fucking her hard. I could here her moaning and whispering in his ear but not what she was saying. He then pulled out an knelt over her so I descided to move closer. Hannah looked up and gave me a sweet little grin while he was wanking over her. This was a dream coming to fruition for both of us. I think the thing is about cuckholding of what I’ve realized is it really is normal to want to see the love of your life enjoy herself, wether in a sexual way or not. Eventually he pulled his condom off and gave a load onto Hannah’s tits.

Jack went in the Bathroom for a bit wich was nice because we got a little time alone then. Hannah gave me the biggest hug and we just lay there not saying a word. I never would have guest this but I actually felt more of a man then than after any sex we’ve ever had. It felt brilliant. He stayed for another couple of hours and they had a nice warm down cuddle under the sheets.

Finally at about 1am he said goodbye and we exchanged numbers. I walked him down to his car and shook his hand and had the rest of the night alone with Hannah.

It was a great experience! Thanks for all kind advice and encouragement that we’ve received.

Also Hannah said she’s gonna read this tomorrow so I just want to say, love you so so much. Thanks for being a loyal and sexy wife x