Written by badbob

19 Jul 2008

Because of the nice comments (cheers amy-robben) i will tell the rest of the story...

After the inital shock of the relationship,i decided to push a little harder with Sarah to find out what made her tick.

She confessed she had only slept with 3 guys inc me

Sarah is willing to try other activities,we have just got home fom a local dogging spot and were watched as Sarah has drawn limits on what she would do ,we started talking to an older couple in their forties Gill and David,we exchanged the usual chit chat and they asked us why we were there,on a nice summer evening,Sarah came straight out with \"Bob and i like to make love outdoors!\" mind you she had been on the drink ,David said he and gill were also loking for action,however Sarah was quite firm on this \"look but no touching!\".

Sarah and i took the lead,i hitched up her short skirt and pulled her thong down and knelt down and licked her pussy,David and gill were not far behind ,her blouse was undone,she had no knickers or bra on and davids large cock was already out !.

Sarah and i moved behind a small tree where Sarah stripped off ,all she was wearing were a smile and her flip flops, by this time my cock was out and pushing against her tight young cunt,one hard thrust and sarah was panting and grunting away ,something she has never done before was frig her clit ,but she was really going for it .

David and gill were both well away with davids cock down gill`s throat,he then pulled out and laid gill on her back on the grass and entered her roughly!,Sarah then started to cum and i was fucking her quite hard and looking over at gill getting a good seeing to ,David commented on Sarah`s figure after we finished she walked over and stood near them so they could have a good look,after that we exchanged numbers and headed home !