Written by Insatiable_girl

13 Oct 2008

I’m 27, married, petite and slim with what used to be big boobs (more about that in a minute) and long dark hair. Oh and a very fuckable ass apparently (it must be, as it gets fucked a lot). I’ve been swinging for about 8 years, since the beginning of my relationship with my now-husband. It’s mainly been me who’s had fun in that time. I’ve let my husband join in a few threesomes/foursomes when I’ve felt in the mood but what really turns me on is to go out and have filthy sex without telling him and then come back and let him realise that I’ve been fucked, smelling of sex, and lick the cum out my pussy. I used to do it quite a lot but then we had a baby and had a break from swinging for a few years.

After the baby, I was desperate to have some filthy sex again after such a long break. I love dirty sex, but don’t want to have it with my husband, and so wanted the perfect fuck buddy arrangement. I’d had two regular fuck buddies before we’d had the baby but they were both out the picture having got girlfriends in the interim (non-swinging ones!), so I was looking for a new fuck buddy……

I met Phil in a pub near where I lived after he made contact online. This time I had told my husband that I was going out, for safety reasons, as it was a first meet. I made my husband drop me off and then go home to babysit for me. He told me I looked stunning and that the guy I was meeting wasn’t going to believe his luck when he saw me. It was just a first drink, so I didn’t want to dress too provocatively (and in case I needed to run away!) so wore jeans, but made sure that they were skinny jeans that clung to my ass, high heels and a low cut top to show off my 32D boobs. Just in case we did get on!

However I was immediately pleased when I saw Phil outside the pub. Exactly my type, I can always tell from a guy’s body type when they are going to have a thick cock and just knew from Phil’s muscles his cock would be good. I had a couple of large glasses of wine in the pub which got me quite horny as I relaxed in Phil‘s company. We chatted about random stuff but mainly our swinging experiences, Phil had quite a lot of experience. I explained the relationship I had with my husband - we were very strong and good together, but what really turned us both on was me having filthy sex with other men. Phil asked me if I came to this pub often, and when I said sometimes, asked if I would be worried if someone I knew saw me kissing him. I so wanted to kiss him straight away, but he was right, someone who knew me as a respectable wife and mother might see us. I suggested he could drive me home and we could kiss in the car before he dropped me off. I hoped that we could do a lot more than that!

Walking to his car, the tension made us both fall silent. I suddenly felt really nervous and excited at the same time. Phil had slipped his arm round my waist and was caressing my bum. As soon as we were in the car though, we turned to each other and Phil gripped the hair at the nape of my neck and pulling my head back, we started kissing. Oh my god, I was completely soaked in seconds just from kissing him, he was an amazing kisser. I loved him pulling my hair and I knew just from that the sex was going to be explosive. We broke apart with some difficulty but we were in a public car park and it was still light. We drove out of town, hardly talking apart from me suggesting where to go, and found a spot to pull up in off a quiet country lane.

As we began kissing again he slipped his hand straight down my jeans. There was little material to push aside from my skimpy knickers and his fingers were straight inside me which I‘d wanted all night. You are so wet, he said. We were all over each other pulling each other’s clothes off frantically. I wanted to touch his cock and as soon as I could get to it, was licking and kissing it before taking it deep into my mouth. I had been right - his cock was thick and long and I so wanted him to fuck me with it. I love it when I suck a new cock for the first time. I felt him get rock hard in my mouth very quickly as I sucked in his whole length and began deep throating him - I love the feeling of a cock pushing at the back of my throat until I choke on it. He wasn’t letting me pull away as I choked and was holding my head down as he tried to face fuck me. I let him do it but I had to pull away eventually after he choked me with his cock for several seconds. He then told me to get in the back seat and was on top of me immediately. He didn’t give me any chance to protest before slamming his cock straight in me. I was soaking wet and so ready for him. No time to talk about putting a condom on, I had meant to be good and ask him to wear one but I really didn’t care at that point in time and I actually love bareback fucking and just wanted him to fill me with cum. He started fucking me hard, so much harder than I get fucked by my husband, and I was rubbing myself as he fucked me, and came quickly to my first orgasm, gasping that I was cumming and bucking back at him. I then asked him to please put it in my arse. I don’t really know why I asked him as I’d only ever let one guy (with a small cock!) fuck my ass before but I just wanted him to do it. I love to talk dirty when I am turned on, and told him how I don’t let my husband fuck my arse. Phil was treating me like such a filthy whore, he was spitting in my mouth as we fucked and after licking and spitting on my pussy and ass he eased his huge hard cock in my tight hole. I was amazed, even though his cock was huge and my ass had basically never been properly fucked, once it was in and I had relaxed onto him, it didn’t hurt at all. I begged him to fuck me hard and I loved the feeling and dirtiness of it. He was telling me how great and tight it felt and then he pulled out and went straight back into my pussy, slamming away until I felt him stiffen. I wrapped my legs around him as he came and he had his tongue deep in my mouth groaning. We lay in the back seat of his car for a bit, kissing and Phil just held me as we got our breath back. I still wanted more though, now we had got the quick hard fuck out the way, that I‘d been dying for since I first saw him. However, first I had to phone my husband as my phone had beeped with several text messages since we’d been in the pub. I rung him, but didn’t say anything, just left the phone off the hook as I turned to Phil to start round two. My husband told me when I finally got home that the second fuck had lasted over an hour and he had come violently when he heard me telling Phil how much I loved him in my ass and to fuck it harder….. We finished the second fuck by me sucking Phil and wanking him hard until I felt his cock spurt at the back of my mouth. Then I kissed him deeply, sharing his cum with him (yum) before swallowing the rest.

I eventually was dropped off several hours after I had gone out looking like a complete fuck slut. I got into bed with my husband and woke him up by rubbing my cum dripping pussy on his leg. He told me I smelt like I’d been well fucked, he could smell my pussy juices and my soaked knickers, and Phil’s cum. I put the light on and opened my legs for him so he could see how fucked I’d been, my ass was still gaping open. I had never let my husband fuck my ass before so he was very jealous but turned on. I let him fuck me (still no anal for him though) and he came very quickly despite having wanked earlier listening to me on the phone.

Oh yes, I better explain about my boobs now. Hope this doesn’t put anyone off too much, but at the time I was still breastfeeding and hence the temporary D-cup! It made them soooo sensitive, and when pinched and played with they squirted milk when I was turned on and often spontaneously leaked when I orgasmed. Gutted I have stopped feeding now and they are back to B cups. Not everyone’s thing but I once fucked a guy who liked to suck the milk out of them and have me squeeze and spray my tits over him as I rode him and I loved it! They still sometimes leak when I cum even now! I think Phil might have been a bit surprised though, as I’m sure I squirted him in the dark that night!

I’ve had many meets with Phil since and they have always been great. I’ll come back and tell you about Phil introducing me to orally bi sex in MMF threesomes another time if anyone would like to hear about it…. I also want him to take me dogging for the first time, so I’ll let you know if we do and how we get on.

R xx