Written by Xdirtygirl

3 Jul 2007

I am a professional women who regualarly has to travel to lots of meeting in the Glasgow area. I have recently been teasing a man I met on this site who says he wants to fuck me hard. I decided to meet him to find out what he looked like and whether I wanted to have his cock rammed up my cunt. We met in George Sq and went to a nearby hotel for a drink - I had just come back from a meeting in edinburgh and was making my way back to the office so this was in working time which also turned me on!

He looked great and powerful with grey hair, smart suit, the kind I just love to fuck me with their clothes on as well as that I need to be dominated too.

My pussy was absolutely soaking and believe it or not my cunt was leaking juice all down the inside of my thigh. We sat at a discreet table and he told me he wanted to touch my clit. I of course obliged williningly and as he slid his big fat fingers up my leg past my stockings at which point I was so fucking turned on I was on the verge of coming . This respectable business man stuffed 3 fingers right up into my wet cunt. ( I had removed my g sting before meeting him) He gave me a good hard forceful finger fuck and then pulled them out and put his fingers in my mouth . I sucked them hard and begged for more! I kept watching - waiting to be caught by the bar staff which really turned me on big time and then he kissed me so hard that I thought he was going to fucking eat my tonsils - Great ! . Then he did it again three fingers right up to the hilt and my cunt was twitching like mad. I pushed myself onto his fingers and came there and then while he kissed me again - thankfully stifiling my screams of pure and utter pleasure ! He just kept them on going in there - I was sure everyone around could hear the noises my now well fucked cunt was making . He licked his fingers and left me sitting there saying "when you want some more of this you dirty little bitch just let me know "

I felt totally used and sat there in my wetness for a few minutes, went to my next meeting in the office with no panties and a sore wet cunt just for good measure...