Written by Cucka2

20 Aug 2019

This is a quick one from when me and Chelle went to Wembley to watch Man U play Liverpool in the early 80's. Michelle was wearing a short denim skirt and a gypsy top, which are now strangely back in fashion.

We had spent some time in the pubs getting drunk and were now in the Man U end and mega packed in. It was before the game started and everyone was singing and pushing and we were like sardines.

Michelle had hold of me and pulled me close to tell me someone was feeling her arse. Is it a problem I asked and looked round at a couple of guys behind but it could have been one of about three guys. None of whom looked guilty although one of the guys who was older did look capable.

Anyway I told Michelle which one I thought it was and she asked what was he like. I said he was older than us probably in his forties was she bothered. Nah she said what will be will be.

Let me know if he does it again I asked her.

Almost immediately she nudged me and said he was doing it again and was now reaching underneath to rub her pussy too.

She quickly told me her was rubbing her clit with his fingers and she rested her head against me as we swayed forwards and backwards. When said she was wet now and he was pulling her knickers to one side and pushing his fingers up her and fingering her pussy.

I looked round at him and smiled and he smiled back so I knew it was him now as his arm was down in front of him moving as he was frigging my girlfriends cunt.

Michelle told me he had a couple of fingers inside her now and was finger fucking her pussy harder.

I am going to cum on his fingers soon if he keeps this up she said.

When she began to shake and I knew she was about to come. He had been fingering her for about five minutes now and she held into me tightly as she came on his fingers. When he whimpered that she was coming and was quivering against me as she came. He's kept fucking his fingers up her as she came.

She put her hands down and stopped him fingering her pussy and she looked behind at him and smiled.

I reached down in front of her and felt her knickers which were wet with her juices and lifted them to my lips and sucked them then kissed her.

This all happened in about 10 mins and nothing happened until half time when we tried to go for a piss and could only make the stairs where everyone was just taking a piss and the stairs looked like a piss waterfall and really stunk of piss.

Our older guy was there with his dick out having a piss and Michelle said look.at his cock which was quite large. Wouldn't mind that up me she said with a laugh.

I had to piss like all the other guys and added to the waterfall it was horrible. Michelle had to wait and managed to queue at the ladies but missed most of the second half.

We left after the game and went out in London and ended up back on our own in our hotel where we fucked like rabbits reliving her getting fingered and coming on a stranger's fingers. She kept saying whilst we were fucking that it was his big cock that was up her fucking her cunt and as I came she did and said it was his spunk shooting up inside her.

It would have been good if we could have hooked up with him but it wasn't to be.