Written by Firad747

10 Jan 2008

I recently ran a blog where I invited readers to meet with me. This is the story of what happened when I met with the lucky person I chose to meet and some of his friends. The meeting happened just before Christmas, and this is what took place.

It took some time to arrange as both I and the people that I was meeting had a number of safety and security issues that we both had to attend to. and I had to receive a couple of pole dancing lessons....

Anyway, that sorted out, arrangements were made and I was told to wait for the dress to arrive. And a couple of days before the meeting a big box arrivied at home containing the dress. It was more of an evening gown than dress though, long and black, with glitter around the top. At the front it plunged way below my breasts, and it had an equally plunging back. However, what really got me excited was that a panel was removed to reveal the wearers bottom....

That weekend found me in a country hotel in the midlands wearing nothing but the dress, a tiny black thong that I had carefully arranged so that it looked like I had no knickers on from behind, black hold ups and black stillettos. As arranged, at 6:30 a call came though that my lift had arrived, so I slipped on a long black coat and went down to reception, where I found the driver.

Half an hour later, I was getting out at a magnificent country house. The driver took me in, and then suggested that he take my coat. He got a good view of my arse as he did so, and then he took me into a room where five young guys, all in evening dress were.

"Good evening Fiona, we are so glad you could join us" one of them said, and offered me a glass of wine from a tray on a side board. I went over to meet them, and I could see that they liked what they saw. They all introduced themselves, and we soon found ourselves enjoying a fun, flirty conversation.

After a while, the driver came in and said "Dinner is served". We were lead throguh to a seperate room. in the middle there was a round table set for six people, in one corner a pole, and in another a large bed, presumably on which I was to get my fucking. And a porn film was being projected onto the largest wall.

We sat down, and enjoyed a fine three course dinner, followed by coffee and then brandy. The coinversation flowed easily, and was rarely away from sex, and as our brandy glasses were empying, I was getting increasingly turned on.

Taking a sip from the last of his brandy, my host said "OK Fiona, it is now time for you to pay for dinner." I stood up, and gingerly, albeit also heavily turned on, went over to the pole.

Music started from a cd player in the corner, and I started to dance around the pole. After a minute of so, I lowered the left side of my dress to reveal my left breast. I minute later and I walked over to the table, inserting my boob into a large bowl of cream that had been left on the table for that purpose.

I went up to the first of the guys and put my breast in his face, giving him the opportuinity to lick the cream off it. I then repeated this on the others, beofre returning to the pole.

I danced a minute of so more, and then lowered the other side of my dress and then let it fall to the floor. With just my thong coverring my modesty, I continued to dance and push my pussy against the pole, when I noticed that one of the guys had opened his trousers and allowed his prick to spring free.

As agreed, he put some cream on the tip of his erect penis and then I went over and, as the others followed suit, I licked the cream off the tip of his nob. And then again worked my way around the table, licking the cream off the erect pricks.

Returning to the pole, I again danced for a little while before turning my back to the audience, bending over to stick my arse into the air as the guys wanked their pricks and removed my thong, turning round to reveal myself to them.

I continued to dance, regularly sticking the pussy right against the pole, until the host called out "On the bed now". I went over, and reclined on it. As I did so, he came over, and rammed his erection straight into my dripping wet cunt. As he did so, the others came over - two started massaging a boob each, while another allowed me to suck him off.

The host continued to thrust deep inside me, until he came. After he had done so, he took a boob, and everyone moved round one place. I came during my third fucking, but I made sure that the final guy got a good seeing to as well.

After he had come, the guys dressed, and we again returned to the drinks room where further drinks were served. The guys had dressed, but I remained naked but for my stockings and stillettos. For half an hour the chatting continued, and then the driver came in with my coat and said it was time to leave. I gave them all a good night kiss, and then put my coat on and left, the driver returning me to my hotel with me wearing nothing under the coat.

And I gently wanked myself to sleep, using a favourite dildo. What wsa the highlight - it is hard to say. Certainly the anticpation as the meal came to an end and I knew what was going to happen to me, and I also enjoyed chatting to them naked afterwards.

Since the event I have corresponded several times with Guy, tthe host, and he has invited me back to a "garden party" in the summer. Thanks to him for arranging it and to all of you for sending through your ideas.

Now just to write down what I got upto in Thialand if anyone is interested...