Written by topnotchguy

23 Apr 2007

This story goes back, 18 months, when me, and my then, girlfriend R, decided to try a 3som.

We posted a advert on this site, and sifted through the hundreds of emails we received, picking out one guy. K

R was 21, size 12, 34B and very pretty.

I had always liked the idea of watching my gf having fun with another bloke, so when she approached me with the idea, i thought why not.

We met K at his place, and he came across as a nice guy, 25yo, quite thin and reasonably sized in the trouser dept.

R had always said, that the guy we chose must be in some way appealing to her, otherwise she may not want to go ahead with the 3som.

The minute we walked in i could tell she was interested, and quickly she took off her clothing, just leaving on her thong and bra.

I followed suite and stripped myself off. K also took off his clothing to reveal a very impressive cock.

I sat next to R and started to kiss her, she loved kissing and often got really aroused during kissing.

Before i knew, it she pulled herself away from me, and invited K onto his own bed. He sat next to her, and R pushed him onto his back, and went straight down on him. At first it was a little weird, but quickly it bacame very very horny. There was my gf on her hands and knees going down on another bloke. I took down her thing from behind, and went straight down on her lovely wet fanny. She was so wet it was unreall. Alls i could her was R and K both moaning, so horny.

I was raging at this point, and needed some attention myself, so i lay next to K, and we were both sucked in turn by R.

R was sucking so hard on my cock, i knew she was gagging to be fucked, so i asked K if he would like to put on a condom. Which he did and didnt need a second invite, to put his cock into my gf's pussy from behind, watching her face as another guy was fucking her was mind blowing, and i quickly cum in R's mouth.

It didnt take long for K to cum, and by the time the doggy stytle fucking had come to an end, i wanted a go too. We swappped positions and it was my turn to fuck R whilst K was being sucked.

I eventually emptied myself in R's pussy.

We sat with K for a short while aftewards and arranged another session, which we went to the following week, only this time i didnt get to join in, i sat in the front room of the house drinking, whilst she was having fun with K in the bedroom, so horny, listening to her being fucked!!

any young guys under 27 who are half decent looking and able to accom in Liverpool feel free to get in touch, my current descreet fuck bud is 19 and loves 3 way fun