Written by Pookie007

13 Oct 2007

On hoilday in greece 2004 I got seperated from my female friends, we had been flirty with the bar owner and tenders all night with plenty of free shot. As I could not find my friends a greek guy asked me if i wanted to see the whole of the premises, little did i know what he had in mind. He took me out the back and immediatly we started to kiss up against a table, he was groping my tits and pulled them out above my top, i thought i was going to get a good shafting but after fingering my wet cunt he turned me around. bending me over the table he began teasing my tight ass ring that have never been penertrated before, I enjoyed it alot more than expected so i just moaned with pleasure. I felt his hard cock against my ass as he inserted a finger inside my butt, it felt fantastic. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my ass and he asked me if i wanted it, I did and he pushed gently inside my tight ass. He slowly pressed his whole length inside me, I could feel my ass was so tight, he began to pump me with his whole lenght, at firsy it hurt but i soon setteled into the rythum. He fucked my ass so deep and hard I had never had anythig like it, that was when i realised i had been missing out. When he was ready to cum he turned me round and spunked all over my shaved clit, then he just left me there all alone covered in spunk. Ever since i have been addicted to anal.