Written by Peter Vageater

7 Jul 2010

Back when I was about 20 I was a horny little sod (now I'm a horny older sod :) )I was seeing a girl who we'll call Val. One saturday we decided to have a party at her place, she had her own house and her kid was at her mums.After much drinking we crashed out with a few people using the floor and the furniture to get their heads down.

Next morning-well nearer lunchtime-we were woken with her mate knocking on the door asking if she could stay with us as one of the lads downstairs kept touching her up (he was a bit of a sweaty creep) Val agreed and Debs got in fully clothed next to me-we were both bollocko.

Instant hardon!! despite the hangover and as me and Val spooned my cock was poking her in the back with me trying to get my fingers into her pussy. Smiling she looked round at me and mouthed no way! I whispered she'll be asleep in a minute and Val just grinned and said wait till she is. A few minutes later I tried again and this time got a result-I think fucking next to her mate was getting her going. Val lay on her back and I climbed on and slid easily into her soaking wet pussy. Both trying not to giggle we had what I can only describe as a slow comfortable screw which went on for about 10 minutes before we both came, mouths buried into each others necks to try and keep quiet.

I slid off as we settled down for a snooze and as I lay on my side my bum touched Debs' who had her back to us, as It did I felt her push her bum into mine....another instant hardon!! Val had very quickly fell to sleep so I eased my arm off her and moved it over to Debs cute ass and started to squeeze. within a few minutes my hand was in her panties fingering her lovely juicy pussy. I carefully repositioned as did Debs and we both started to wank each other (god I need one now haha)

I could feel Debs stating to shake as my fingers slid in and out of her and over her clit,covering her mouth with her arm she came, her whole body jerking and squeezing my cock till it felt like the bell end would pop off!

I kept my fingers on her clit and kept rubbing leading to a couple more mini orgasms, with all my focus on Debs I hadn't been paying attention to Val until I heard 'What the fuck are you two up to?'

I dont know if it was the horniness, hangover or what but I leant over and started kissing her neck pulling her to me with my free arm and whispered into her ear 'Debs is wanking me off, have a feel'

Instead of freaking out which is what I half expected she moved her hand onto my cock, meeting Debs who was still holding me but with a look of fear/surprise on her face.Looking at her she said 'you cheeky bitch, have you fucked him?' 'No' said Debs 'we've just been tossing each other off. Sorry but I heard you fucking before and I've never felt so horny in my life. I've just had the longest orgasm on my life'.

Both girls kept looking at each other for what seemed like an age both with their hands on my still throbbing tool!!

I couldn't of predicted what happened next but have wanked over it many times since. Val threw her leg over mine and as she started to gently wank me she was rubbing her pussy on my leg, still dribbling cum from our earlier fuck.Deb joined in and Val said 'I want you to suck him, let me watch you suck his cock' I'm loving this I thought as Deb pulled back the covers and stated licking and sucking me, I reached round Val and slid my hand down the crack of her arse onto her fanny. 'Can you taste that' says Val 'thats mine and his cum,do you like it?' Debs responded by taking my cock all the down WOW

I moved my other hand away from Deb and slid it into Vals mouth telling her to lick Debs juices off my fingers and this seemed to send Val way over the edge, she came straight away and then-as she's panting said Pete 'I want to see you fuck her'

In seconds we had a very willing Debs stripped and on all fours with my cock sliding into her. Val was rubbing my balls and encouraging me to fuck her harder saying she wanted to see us cum, which Deb did moments later, juices squirting out round my cock. Val then said me now and as I pulled out she sucked some of the cum off and told me to fuck her doggy too. As I'm slamming my cock into her pussy, the sweat by now was running off me like I was in a shower,Deb was kneeling watching us and wanking a very swollen fanny. That did me, I came like never before...or since....with Val a close second.

We collapsed on the bed and after a few minutes Val said 'Right, that was good but thats it, never again. you two stay away from each other. Now get dressed Deb and fuck off'

And that was it, I carried on fuckin Deb behind Vals back for a while but no more 3sums