Written by macd

14 Aug 2017

A few years ago my wife had an affair with a guy she worked with who was half her age she was 50 at the time. Our sex life had been good up to then but when I found out what was going on I lost interest.

That was when I turned to seeking like minded guys and at first it was just wanking and cock play it then developed into sucking cock although I could never swallow, any rate this went on for a few years as meetings where far and few between.

Being within close proximity to London I started using the saunas but most guys were either partnered or went for younger guys, however I liked being around naked guys so I persevered then just when I thought I would never lose my virginity it happened. I had been in the sauna for a couple of hours without any luck to tell the truth I was probably scared of that it might cause a lot of pain. However to get back to my first and only time I was standing outside one of these private rooms when this guy who I would put at around 50ish asked if I wanted to go and play and after some cock sucking he turned me over and started to put on a condom not sure what was to happen I was in two minds when to stop it there or not but having waited for so long for someone taking my virginity I couldn't stop now. He lubed me up and then without any attempt at to be gentle he just rammed his cock in me and although it hurt I started to enjoy him fucking me eventually with one last thrust he came. After he pulled out I just laid there enjoying the moment.

Unfortunately there has been no more since then.