Written by Hotnottscpl

12 Jun 2013

Well id like to tell you a very true story that happened nearly 20 years ago ..... before the internet came along all we had to meet people was private ads in local newspapers , i answered one for a couple wishing to meet a young guy for a 3 some , to my suprise i got a reply telling me about them both

All they wanted was to meet up for drinks go back to there place and have some fun for an hour , we agreed a day and time at a local pub near them , nervous but excited i went and yes they turned up , looked like there photos and started having a drink , small talk and chatting etc

With the husband going to the bar and the attractive wife touching my leg it soon got to going to there house , she went upstairs to get ready while we had a further drink and chat .

Now we go upstairs where she is on all fours playing with herself ... wow what a site , i was told to watch for a bit while they started playing , as i undressed my Hard cock stood firm and was enticed to join them , everything was going well till the husband said ok you fuck her but she likes me to lick her out at the same time .....me being straight and a bit tipsy thought ok i can do that as i slid my cock into her tight wet hole

as the minutes past me slowly fucking her i could feel his wet tongue on the base of my cock , this somehow made me even more harder than before and made me fuck her faster and faster untill i was just about to cum ......then without knowing my cock slipped out went straight into his mouth , he sucked me till i shot my load into his mouth !!! i was speechless but in a way knew i wanted to do that again ....more stories to come ....