Written by Coljon

25 Mar 2009

Hi, to cut a long story short,I have been meeting a couple for about a year now every couple of months.

He likes watching me fuck the wife doggy style while he fingers her pussy and plays with my balls. While I was doing business last week hefingered her cunt while I pumped away and then run his fingers over my arse, I liked it.I presume that cus I didnt say anything he put a finger in anmd started frigging me.He could tell I liked it cus I pushed back on him.Next thing I know he was trying to get his cock in me it hurt.

He pulled out and put 2 spunky fingers in me and frigged me again this was better.

I had slowed down fucking the wife and she asked why ,so I told her what was goinging on. She then said lets all fuck at the same time, so he mounted me again and it was better ,he pushed all the way in I was in heaven and shot my spunk up her .

I left my cock in her while he fucked me ,the best feeling I ever had, then he exploded in me mmmmmmmmmm I said after do me gain and he did while I fucked his wifes arse,she was used to it. Guys go for it its fantastic.