Written by me_and_you

18 Nov 2008

When I was 21 I was sharing a house with a few friends of both sexes. Tricia, one of the girls in the house started going with a guy who turned out to be bisexual - the three of us got into a semi-drunken conversation about bisexuality and they argued that given the right circumstances anyone could have a same sex encounter.

I told them that I doubted it and he asked if I wanted to try and test it - but by his rules. After some hesitation (I was worried about losing respect from Tricia) I agreed - and he told me that I should undress whilst they were out of the room - lay on my back on the sofa with my hands above my head and close my eyes, to my suprise I was erect in anticipation

They returned to the room also naked and immediately tied my hands and legs to the legs of the sofa - they then took time touching and looking at my body until Craig finally took me into his mouth for a brief moment. They then both laid on top of me and screwed - rolling around all over me and in positions where I could see him inside her - she finally blew him inches from my face - and then finally she held my cock while he blew me - he was still flacid but he asked if I would take him into my mouth - which I did hesitantly

Then in a 69 type position he slid a finger into my anus and asked me to do the same to him - Tricia at this point let go of my cock and moved to an armchair and masturbated also with a finger in her anus whilst watching us - she came very quickly which made me come and Craig lasted quite a bit longer until he came on my chest

I have never been able to get close to repeating anything like this event - Tricia went to uni shortly after this

So now I had several new things to think about - bondage interested me, girls interested me and so did guys.

I have been fantasising about repeating an experience or a similar experience - which does not have to include bisexuality