Written by Paul-keatley

5 Jul 2011

this story is very true, and happened a few years back with an ex Donna. we had been to Camden market in London for the day, and laden down with bags, had made our way back to Euston for the 4.30 train back home to Chester. we paid a suppliment to have seats in first class compartment and picked a table for four at the very rear of the carriage. there were a couple of people dotted around, but we had the place pretty much to ourselves. D was bursting to try some of her new purchases on, so she took a couple of bags to the loo and came back in jeans and a white lacey basque top. she paraded around a bit to give me a good view, then i asked her sit on the seat opposite, a took a pic on my camera. she was never shy about posing, and soon the top came down to show her beautiful pert breasts. giggling she covered herself, and went back to the loo to try another purchase. i was growing hornier by the minute, realising she was up for a dare, and when she came back, i wondered how far i could push it. this time, she had picked out a very tight, stretchy purple dress, short and clingy and very sexy. she dropped her jeans on the table and retook her place on the seat across the aisle. i whispered to her.'open your legs'... she slowly parted her thighs, revealing her tiny black knickers. 'take them off' i asked, and with a quick glance around, she did as i asked, leaving her bare pussy on display, long dark lips surrounding her pink inner pussy. she began to play with herself, and i sat transfixed by her public display. more pics were taken but she was oblivious to the flash as we hurtled thru Watford station. she finally came with a stifled groan, and i half expected other passengers to turn around. to add to the sexual tension, we were right next to the guards door, and had no idea whether he would appear at some time to begin checking tickets. She rose from the seat, skirt around her waist, bare pussy on display, and pulled down the top so the whole dress was no more than a belt. She climbed onto my lap, squatting over me,freed my cock, and guided it inside her soaking pussy, sliding in in one easy push. Grinding her arse against my thighs, i took her small hard nipples into my mouth and was rougher than usual in biting them, making her gasp. Her panting became more urgent as she got into her stride, almost naked, bouncing upon my prick. 'what if the conductor comes along and sees you?' i whispered, ' i don't fuckin care, let him watch' she grunted, before coming again, burying her head on my shoulder trying not to scream. I came soon after, filling her with my spunk, revelling in the sheer naughtiness of what we had just done. She climbed off me, and sat back across the way, legs wide apart, fingers playing with the spunk running out of her lips. Still no-one turned around. The guard appeared at the end of the carriage, (he must have started ticket-checking from the other end of the train, and D came back to sit next to me, pulling the dress down and up to cover herself by the time he got to us. Her thighs though gave the game away, they were shiney, and streaked with clear spunk, which i'm sure he noticed. 'what would you have done if he had caught us?'i asked...heart still pounding with excitement. 'i may have had to give him a blowjob in his guardsvan to keep him quite' she said, which got me all horny again. The rest of the journey was spent fingering, caressing and flashing, ending with a fabulous blowjob as we left Crewe station. a wonderful day out!!