Written by Fellatrix

2 May 2012

Yesterday was a holiday here - Labour day

After lunch; lovely sunshine, Master said walkies .

So me wearing flat walking shoes, miniskirt without knickers of course, a t-shirt without bra and naturally my dog collar. we drove up to the river, dumped the car , and walked along the river bank enjoying the warm sunshine. After a couple of kms, we approached the wooded part. I was not expecting anything, but then if its unexpected ....

We saw some way in front of us a couple, the man was standing with his back against a tree and the girl was kneeling in front of him, performing what quickly became clear as we got nearer - oral sex. He had hold of her hair and was pulling her head back and fowards onto his cock. We got to about 2 metres away and stopped to watch. The man said smomething to the girl, she pulled away and turned to stare at us. I figured she was about 18/19 and the guy in his mid late 20'S. Get on with it he said loudly, Suck cock.

The girl resumed her task. The man began to grunt and snarl , seemingly turned on by being watched. Here it comes he said, a hot mouthfuul of thick spunk for you , as he spasmed into the girl's mouth. Dont swallow yet he ordered loudly, as he squeezed his cock, milking into her mouth. By now, i was standinding in front of Master holding my skirt up round my waist showing all my gubbins. The man pulled away from the girl, open wide and show me the spunk, the girl did as she was told, and the he told her to turn her head as show the visitors her mouthful. 1, 2, 3, swallow he ordered , the girl gulped it all down , and smacked her lips. Very nice said My Master, she's very good. Thank you said the guy. I've been teaching her for 3 months now, she can suck, fuck back and front too. And now today, i told her we were going to let someone catch her sucking cock. You did it real good , he told the girl, getting a smile in return. My tshirt was now also pulled up , so i was now virtual naked . wank whispered M, so i started to finger myself slowly. I could have guessed what M was about to say ... Can she suck cunt as well, he asked the Guy, OMG said the guy , i hadn't really thought about that yet . The girl had a sort of anxious look on her face. My slut will teach her , if you like, M told him. The guy stared at the girl. When she can suck cunt , M told him then you can organise super trios, like us. The man looked at the girl .... OK he said teach her - No said the girl, i'm not lesbie. You do as you are told he told her. He nodded at M. M pushed me foward, suck her off he told me., The girl was unwilling, her guy held her arms , i got on my knees , pulled the lips of her pink cunt open and dipped my tongue in between. The reluctance disapeared like magic. She stated to squeal and jerk her hips against me , and came very quickly, loudly and hard. I pulled away and watched her trembling and quivering from her orgasm. Now they change places, Ok said the guy - Your turn -- the girl was again reluctant, but her guy pushed her head in between my legs - suck her off, he ordered , the same as she did to you. A trembling tongue tickled my now rock hard clitoris. After a few minutes , she let go and started rubbing me with her tongue. The fact that it was her first time, made her a little clumsy but that made it even more exiting as i eventually had a great wet cum all over her face. I pulled away and kissed her wet face, lovely lovely i told her , you were super, super. A small smile cam over her face, thank you. I held her in my arms whilst the men chatted. M inviteed them home with us and we had a prolonged oral sex session for ages . No fucking allowed. New friends to start the summer WOW