Written by first timer

21 Oct 2014

I had heard stories in papers and on internet but always thought stories were made up . I came home after night out stopped at a local site . Parked up for over an hour no one turned up .

Ready to go home and I noticed a car pull up saw two people in car suddenly a few mins later 3/4 people got out of car and moved towards car just arrived .

After few mins went over and there was a couple in car women in knee boots stockings being watched by several people and another couple . That's not dogging said the other women watching shes got her knickers on , her boyfriend nodded to me and I leant down and felt stocking tops and no knickers . She and partner moved towards woods where there was a picnic table I then noticed 3/4 people watching as she took her coat off to reveal thigh high boots and a basque . I moved over to her while partner watched within a few mins she had mouth around my now fully erect cock after five mins of sucking I shot a load down her throat . She then pulled out a condom and said she now wanted a good fucking . I was a bit nervous at first but was soon taking her doggy style over the picnic bench while she sucked off several other people