Written by firsttimers

10 Jun 2010

Ok, so this is tame compared to some of the stories on here but it is true.

Like many on here I so desperately wanted to get my wife into swinging, dogging and clubs but although she fantasised about having fun with other people that was as far as it went until.....

We were coming home from a meal out with friends, I was driving as Helen (my wife) was rather drunk. There is a well known dogging spot on the way home and we had discussed driving there in the past but only when we had both had a drink which kind of difficult.

As we got closer to the dogging spot Helen started teasing me about how I would like to go there but I didn't have the nerve, she started to rub my cock through my jeans and asking if I would like a blow-job. What man wouldn't want a blow-job?

So at the last second I swerved into the layby.

We started kissing and I slipped my hand up her top to feel her succulent tits as she rubbed my now engorged cock through my jeans. "Right" said Helen, "If you want to do this lets do it properly" and with that she put the internal car lights on and slipped her top off. She undid my jeans and started to slowly wank me off.

"Take them off" she said and so I slid out of my jeans, at the same time she shimmied out of her skirt. So there we were both in our underwear when we noticed a couple of guys at the side of the car. "Lets give them a show" said Helen and so she started sucking my cock. Who was I to complain? She gave me one of the best blow-jobs of my life and sucked until I came in her mouth, dribbled down her chin and over her breasts.

She then put the car window down, put her breasts through the window and asked the two guys to suck her cum-splattered tits and nipples. They didn't hesitate and sucked and licked for all they were worth while I played with her clit and fingered both her holes. Helen said to the guys "this is all you are getting from me tonight so if you want to have a wank I would do it now"

As Helen orgasmed she pulled her breasts back into the car, put the window up and told me to drive home. She waved bye to the guys and off we went.

I would have fucked her like mad when we got home but she passed out. So I spent the night with cock in hand.