Written by excavatorman

19 Jan 2012

We wrapped ourselves in towels and went into the living room onto the couch. She turned on a lamp and invited me to sit on her left side and offered her the magic left nipple." My record for cumming is nine times in an evening" she said. I couldnt match that but I was almost hard again. She told me to stand up and started licking my cock which soon sprang into life.She turned around and knelt on the sofa. Reaching behind her, she pulled open her bum cheeks and asked me to lick her crack and lovely pink hole, I reached down as I licked and felt a warm wet opening to her love tunnel. "Tell me what you feel, I love to hear you tell me me how you are feeling and what you can find."A wet pussy waiting to be filled.""Then fill it she said and dont worry as I had a hysterectomy last year and since then ive been horny and waiting for this moment." Well in it I went like a rat up a drainpipe,"Wait "she said feel this" She flexed her pussy muscles and was squeezing my cock."Now you can pump away".What a georgeous feeling. She reached down and rubbed her clit and groaned to the fact it was heaven. She came before me and she told me to withdraw and cum over her crack.Well it was a great treat to do that and watch,As the load ran down her crack into her pussy her fingers mixed it with her cum and she licked them."Oh so warm and tasty she said. Put your cock back in and get it wet. I did as I was told and then she turned around and sucked it dry."I like my cum but mixed with yours its better" and smiled.

We poured another drink and then it was small talk and when are we meeting again time."Can I stay the night as I want to give you a good send off to work " she said.She got me to lay bback with my legs over hers and she started sucking again,"Not again" I said. Oh yes was the reply I just love a clean cut cock to suck its georgeous."I can do this " she said and started licking her own magic nipple. She invited me to watch as she sucked and pulled it, then her hand went between her legs and her fingers went insde her crack. Well I was so turned on and started wanking. She smiled and told me to carry on and wank over her tits,She came quite quick and I got up and shot my load over her tits, A dream come true I thought. She rubbed the cum in and sucked the remainder off my cock. We eventually got to bed and she got be to lay on her arm and nestle into her left bosom.I was soon asleep.The next thing I felt was warm lips and and gums on my knob, She had lost some teeth and taken her plate out.It was a sensational feeling and I soon was shooting my first load of the day.She made me coffee and left the door open while she peed.Turning the shower on she invited me in and we washed ourselves in coconut oil and she bent over. She wanted to cum again and make it seven times she said. Well i was up for it and entered the dream hole. She took my index finger and put the tip in her pink bum hole, She came again and thats how the week went.