Written by Kinkybaby81

28 Feb 2009

I have been requested by quite a few guys who mail me to tell you all this story about my only 3 some experience with a girl and my boyfriend at that time which also led me into my love for being domintated.....

My boyfriend had been going on at me for ages to have a threesome but being inexperinced at that time (age22) I was not sure he was 29 and had a few of these he claimed.. we were out one night at his flat and after quite a few drinks we decided to go out to his local bar/club.. i was wearing a little pink skintight dress with at the side missing so there was no bra and just a tiny white thong.. white cowboys boots and blonde hair at that time. I was very tanned as Iwas only back from greece about a week. He had been really pushing for a threesome and I said well if we find some one ok, thinking he would forget about it..

After about 2 hours in the club Mark my boyfriend came up to me with this girl called Heather. He just came straight ut and said this girl is dying to fuck you if you are up for it. I looked at her she was really pretty but about 30 with long black hair.. She strated to kiss me as mark rubbed my ass I could not say No. We were very quickly in a taxi and on our way to heathers flat in the taxi mark sat in the front as heather kissed me and stroaked me everywhere..

this all seemed pretty spontanous , although later i found out mark had been fucking heather when i was in greece and it was all a set up but a good one. Once in the flat heather and mark started kissing and mark undid a couple of straps and heathers dress just feel to the floor and she just stood there in her black knee high boots black thong with some amazing tattoos over her body. She turned to me and said i have a surprise for you. She led me into a room keeping the lights out and just slid my dress off then my thong and boots i was now naked with no way back.

She lay me on the bed kissed me and whispered just enjoy this. She then lifed my hands up and slipped my wrists into handcuffs attached to the bed frame. i had only been tied up a bit in my previus experiences but it was with tights my a boyfriend but i could get out of them easy this was final as the i heard them click over my wrist then the other wrist. I lay there on my back with my hands above my head spread then my feet were spread and this time she tied them to the bottom of the bed frame using rope which had already been set up. As i lay there helpless spreadeagled on the bed i heard her shout on mark , who seemed to know his way rounfd the flat very easily, he came in naked and watched as heather began to kiss my breasts and face and all over my body before moving down to my pussy and licking my like i had never been licked before. i came so quickly i was not sure if it was the womans touch or the restaints or watching mark wank as he watched us. As my orgasm died heather got off me and brought mark over before bending over and getting him to push his 8 inch cock inside her, as he fucked her she was fingering me kissing my body i loved it i loved watching my boyfriend fuck this girl this stranger , i quickly came again as did heather then mark pulled out and shot his spunk all over my body which heather began to lick off . With all the drinking mark wanted tol ie down so heather undid my hand cuffs and rope and i stood up as mark lay there we all chatted and as normal he fell asleep. heather grabbed my hand and took me out the bedroom and just said into my bedroom now for some more fun. As we walked in she asked did i enjoy being tied which i said yes and with that she sliped the handcuffs back on my writs cuffing them behind my back. She put me on the bed on my back and squattedon top of my face and i just started to lick, before long she wa calling me a bitch and a whore and came reallly loud... She rolled off me and into her drawer and pulled out this big vibrator and a a dildo about 10inchs but wide, then she was down at my pussy with the vibrator on my clit and dildo inside me, making me cum over and over, i must have came about four times before she undid my handcuffs and we both curled up and went to sleep.

next morning I woke up to find no one next to me, but i could hear some really loud grunting noises in the other room. i walked through to find mark fucking hether doggy style.. I just stood and watched. heather told me to fuck off and make her coffee, which for some reason i did. I came back with two cups of coffe and walked into the room and by this time she was on her back with her legs over marks shoulders and from the look on his face he was about to cum. i put the coffee down just as mark pulled out and heather lay down and took the lot in her mouth. heather then told me to fuck off that mark was his now and that i was no longer needed in to which mark agreed, i picked up what clothes i could find ust my dress and boots and ran out the flat. After that i never seen heather again and i know mark and her went out for some but i became marks fuck buddy, he would taxt me to go to his flat went he wanted i would go, i think most of the time hoping heather would be there but she never was. This although scary at the time shaped me into the woman i am today....... just wished they had videod it!!!